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Tuesday, February 1

MENstuff Hunt

MENstuff Hunt
We've been looking forward to this hunt for months! This is one of the rare hunts that is for the guys, and almost exclusively for guys. The Menstuff group is the successor to the Make Him Over group (that dissolved into confusion). There are a lot of fabulous stores participating in this hunt. For guys, this is a MUST DO hunt! You are sure to find stores that you were not aware made men's stuff. Girls, drag your guys through this hunt for a great makeover! There are a few confusing LMs floating around, but these are usually resolved on the official website or within the MENstuff group. Pass the word to join the Menstuff SL group for future information about Men's stuff and stuff.

~Tessira and Shadowed... in male forms for this post.

January 29 - February 28
Search for item: black sculpted T-shirt
MENstuff Hunt
Number of stores:
151 (we started in the middle to avoid crowds, 51-100 below)
Ivy Maverick, Rob Moonites, Gabe Bookmite, Garrett Ceriano

MENstuff Hunt
100 - Damage (pants not included)
67 - .: AoD Designz :.
95 - SF Design (hair not included)
76 - Limits (pants not included)

MENstuff Hunt
92 - Shameless Bits
80 - Gentleman Store
54 - Cattiva e Cattivo and ZHAO (hair not included)
89 - ::Eclectic Firefly:: (pants not included, fatpack of colors)

MENstuff Hunt
57 - Bellies (pants not included)
91 - [hate this] (pants not included)
58 - His Closet Collection
87 - H.I.M Fashion (hair included)

MENstuff Hunt
61 - G&T Creations (pants not included)
82 - EVOKE
97 -
78 - SE*Designz (pants not included)

MENstuff Hunt
90 - :Robbish: (pants not included)
93 - HAVANA's designer
96 - Young Urban (pants not included)
64 - DKDesigns

MENstuff Hunt
79 - LaVie (skin)
52 - JeSyLiLO (skin)
55 - &Bean (skin)

MENstuff Hunt
56 - Shape it Up (shape)
59 - Alecto's Shapes (shape)
62 - CS Shapes (shape)

MENstuff Hunt
66 - Adlerblick Shapes (shape)
81 - Body Doubles (shape made especially for the Lavie skin given in hunt, this combo is shown)
84 - Body By Venk (shape)

MENstuff Hunt
88 - ASKA (shape included with shorts)
98 - Sophistishapes (shape)
77 - Zanzo
65 - U.December

MENstuff Hunt
69 - Birth (fatpack of blonde colors)
63 - TattooHada's
100 - Damage
68 - *Hatter Is Mad (hair not included)
75 - [KUSTOM]

MENstuff Hunt
85 - Kumaki Glasses Style
94 - **mischievous cat**
70 - Mustang Trading Post
100 - Damage

MENstuff Hunt
63 - TattooHada's
54 - Cattiva e Cattivo and ZHAO
60 - Fear & Clothing

MENstuff Hunt
86 - Glitterati Gay Poses

MENstuff Hunt
74 - Estetica
92 - Shameless Bits

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