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Thursday, March 17

MadPea: Dead Man's Hand Hunt

Normally, we blog only the freebie hunts that SL offers, but I did this one just for fun with my friend TJay, and we had such a good time on it and the gifts were so great, I thought I'd break the mold a bit and include a pay-hunt in the mix. The Dead Man's Hand Hunt is coordinated by the good folks at MadPea, and they have combined some really fun elements into this one:

You buy the hud for 100L at any of the stores involved in the hunt or at the MadPea store and need to wear it for the duration of the hunt. You go first to the empty house of a serial killer and have a scavenger hunt through the house and grounds for 52 clues to former victims of the killer. The hud records the clues as you find them and lets you know when you have them all. Each clue created a playing card on the hud, and can then be clicked on for a teleport to the store that corresponds to the clue. You get a written clue on the hud, and when you find the matching playing card at the store, you get the gift inside. However - the playing cards all give objects, so you need to keep an eye on what you get and toss them into folders so you don't lose anything! Once you have all 52 clues and all 52 playing cards, you get an LM to the bonus level, which is absolutely crammed with even more gifts and prizes. So, for the 100L, you get a scavenger hunt, a grid-wide store hunt, and the bonus level to raid for booty. Absolutely worth the price and then some!

Because the items are given as objects without folders, the store numbers listed on this blog post are purely my own, and have no correlation to the actual hunt order or anything else - they are simply the numbers i assigned to each gift so i could keep track of who gave what items. Also, without the hud, the playing cards will not give their gifts, so no zooming along to the stores to try snagging something. And finally, as we all know, SL likes to glitch scripts now and then - we had a few instances of finding an item and the hud not crediting the card as found, but the MadPea setup tracks even the ones that do not show on your hud, and eventually the scripts catch up and all found items are checked off, so don't panic. There is a MadPea group you can join in-world for help and commiseration as you chase clues and prizes as well. There are only a couple weeks left if you think you might like to give this hunt a shot, so don't put it off too long.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


February 1 - March 31
Search for item: playing cards (card you are looking for matches card on hud for each stop)
Number of stores:
52 plus bonus level
Problems at the time I went through:


2. Gaea Designs
5. Lemania Indigo
10. Suki's Silken Fashions (unisex cloak)

12. Virtual Medical Doctor
3. Gothica
11. Tamiron FOrge
1. Destiny's Designs

13. Ziva's Underground Footware
4. Hearth & Home
7. Robotic Arms Gallery

6. Maven Furniture
9. Sky Sculptures Gallery (full avatar)
8. Shabby Tabby


2. AdelleArts
13. Rotten Defiance

7. paperdoll (pants not included)
1. [Nein!]
3. Fallen Gods, Inc. (full body tat)

4. Moonstruck (male and female sized cloaks)
12. Scarlett Rage
10. Trident Jewelry
5. Jabberwocky

6. MadPea Store
8. Prime Furniture
11. Yellow Jester
9. Purple Poses (poses)


11. Super Possessed
2. Ashira's Aerie
4. Death Row Designs
1. Acide

5. Fantavatar (comes in blonde also)
6. Grumble
7. MadPea Store

13. Yellow Snow (pose)
12. Trident
8. Malfean Visions

3. Daark
10. R&K Boutique

9. Mangragora (abandoned forge)


5. LC Designs
1. Ali Couture
13. Returned Karma

3. Frippery
7. Magia
8. Moloko
2. Fire Good

12. XIII
10. Tay's Trinkets
9. Pravda

6. Julia Collection
11. Vicarious Vitae

4. Les Sucreries de Fairy


18. Vicarious Vitae
7. Grumble
13. R&K Boutique (pants not included)

3. Fallen Gods, Inc. (skins)

2. Death Row Designs(male and female sizes)
16. Tamiron Forge (male and female sizes)
10. Moloko
15. Super Possessed
2. Death Row Designs

1. AdelleArts
2. Death Row Designs
5. Frippery

2. Death Row Designs
5. Frippery

2. Death Row Designs
6. Gaea Designs
7. Grumble
5. Frippery

4. Fire Good (poofer)
19. Yellow Snow (pose)
9. Mandragora
14. Sky Sculptures Gallery

8. MadPea Store (interactive puzzle game)
17. Tay's Trinkets

12. Prime Furniture
11. Moonstruck

8. MadPea Store (copy of the bonus level build)

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