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Tuesday, March 15

Steam4 Hunt: 151 - end

Steam4 Hunt
And so we come to the final installation of the Steam4 Hunt. The store numbers in this section get a little jumpy, but just follow along with the blog information if you get confused by the jumps the LMs take. The gifts were on a par with the first 3 posts - some really amazingly well done builds and nifty toys, as well as some lovely clothing items you won't want to miss. The final stops on the hunt do jump into the 900s, but dont panic - you are NOT missing over 700 stores in between! =) Get your friends together, put on you steampunkiest finery, and go have a good time exploring your way through this great hunt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Number of stores:
189 (151-end below)

Problems at the time I went through:
172 - unable to locate
skipped #s: 151, 152, 165, 166, 179, 181, 185, and 186 per the official hunt blog and gift LMs

180. Spats (F- shirt not included)
170. Curious Seamstress
171. Brocade Tiger (pants/shoes not included)
163. Curious Seamstress at the Carrington

169. Candlelight Evenings Antique Furniture
189. Velvet's Shanghai Bazaar
187. * Amaranthus *

159. Grim Bros.
177. St Helens Dry Goods (Crates & Barrels)
167. Steampunk Emporium
178. Froobert's Further West Trading Company

184. :: Z's ::
157. House of RFyre
154. To-a-T
160. Luvsmore Fashion Gizmo's and Gadgets

188. Viper Gallery
164. Warehouse 13
168. DramaZone

183. Haven Township (SIM wide Hunt)
153. Art Adagio
158. Damned Good Design

176. [noctis]
173. Sieyes Furnishings / Hudson's Illuminations
189. Velvet's Shanghai Bazaar
169. Candlelight Evenings Antique Furniture

183. Haven Township (SIM wide Hunt)
176. [noctis]
162. Myrddin's Emporium

175. S&S Clockworks
182. Spats
161. Myrddin's Emporium
156. Tiny Ruffles by Betsy Furman (outfits for tinies)

178. * Amaranthus *
998. FLOX (bumper gears!)

174. Arieala's Dirty Grungy Clothing, Designs by Serrita Ember (warehouse)

155. Lemons & Cream

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