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Sunday, May 8

Perfect Couples Hunt: 1-50

Perfect Couple Hunt
The Perfect Couple Hunt kicked off May 1st, and it celebrates...you got it...perfect couples! Each gift has something for the men and something for the women, showcasing love and couplehood and all the good stuff that comes with having someone special in your life. Its a great hunt to do together, with lots of cute, interesting stores and locations to visit on the hunt path. My personal favorite - there were a bunch of stores on this hunt I hadn't seen before, and I love the chance to poke around a new spot! There is an in-world group, and I highly recommend joining because there are a few spots where LMs have changed or stores are skipped, and the group notices have all the information you need to navigate the hunt smoothly. The official hunt blog refers hunters to the group notices in fact, so it really is recommended. With the help of the notices and the blog, I was able to make it through the hunt with no problems at all. There are a few skipped stores and dropped stores, but the hunt is definitely do-able and an enjoyable way to spend a few evenings out and about with your other half.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


May 1 - May 31



Search for item: box with heart decoration

Number of stores:
108 (1-50 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
A few skipped/dropped stores, but group and official blog provide LMs around these areas

44. Pene's Creations

24. SB Wear
45. Naughty Naughty

32. Lapo's Softouch Fashions
21. JaZe shop
16. Asteria Creations

7. Viviane Fashion
47. Serenity in the Sun Designs
2. Marcel Beautiful World

46. Carrie's Lingerie
37. Sandy -*The Style*
27. ^^Moulliez

39. Urban Republic Co.
19. Shadow Moon

28. Cupcake Clothing
13. Naka's Catwalk Designs
11. Static Clothing Co. (jeans not included)

15. Feeel (store 1)
22. Clothes Culture
17. Fuzion Fashions

31. HerBerry
3. Saris Creations
34. Feeel (store 2)(jeans not included)

4. House of Xevion (jeans not included)
6. K2K Headquarter
36. LOoLOo's

14. Jan's MusicLounge & Tesoro Furniture
41. Whittentons
48. Precious Shine
5. ZERO COOL Designz (unisex prim feet)

50. Dressed by Lexi (includes swimsuits)
43. Props-N-Poses
18. Aphrodite shop
23. Pics n Poses
1. JK Studio

20. Xclusives Animations
35. PA Designe
42. Finishing Touches
9. ..:HC Creations:..

38. Raucous
33. .::E-line design::.
49. EZ Stores

25. Abundantia
26. Trixa Design
8. made by margerita Oh

25. Abundantia
14. Jan's MusicLounge & Tesoro Furniture


  1. 41. Whittentons (Mature)
    Hint: Look for 'THREE' never ending circle's of love

    land off for restructuring
    search for the next n.42

  2. FYI, as of a day or so ago, Whittenton's is back up and running, please check the official blog or in-world group for the LM. =)