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An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

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Sunday, May 8

Perfect Couples Hunt: 51-108

Perfect Couple Hunt
Part 2 of the Perfect Couple Hunt went just as smoothly as the first part. The official blog and the in-world group notices have all the information you need for which stores are skipped, moved or dropped from the hunt so you don't get stuck anywhere, as well as hints in case you need them in some of the stores. The gifts were gorgeous - there are some really excellent poses and builds in this hunt which you are sure to find a use for, especially if you enjoy taking pictures in SL. Another bonus was that this half of the hunt was chock full of new-to-me stores, which just combined to make this a great hunt. I enjoyed it quite a bit, and you will too. So grab your favorite hunting partner, significant other, that cute guy you like to dance with now and then, and go have some fun - there is no telling where this hunt might lead you!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


May 1 - May 31

Previous Post:

Number of stores:
108 (51-108 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
A few skipped/dropped stores, but group and official blog provide LMs around these areas

107. :JSC: J.Shawn Creations
99. Condemned Designs
58. [:BAISTA:]

85. Earthly Delights
61. HardWare

80. NaturArt (jeans not included)
72. Random-Onics and Pink Wolf
63. Olegun Cloth & Photography (jeans not included)

52. Ultimate Shapes (M-jeans not included)
76. Rumah Inspirasi/Jelita (M-jeans not included)

90. Devil's Trade (shapes)

67. Whispering Jewels
91. Lantian
87. Star*Crossed Designs by Star*Crossed Weddings

55. Kucinta
88. Kabuki Creations
53. Magnifique
81. Bound & Bitten

82. Pose Pirate
84. :m:ess Animations by Gianluca Munro
105. CC Decor
101. Ms. B. Designs
94. Stakey

98. AAA Poses
70. JE Club Equipment
71. Dani's Designs
54. CD Design

57. Pipper's Place
106. Sommerfeld Designs
95. Virtual Whimsy

69. Black Kitten Home & Design
65. Vent du Sud
60. Dolome Designs
83. Dew Me Furniture

100. aQ creating lifestyles
108. Xplicit Furnishings
78. Garden of Dreams

86. Darkrose Designs
77. EB Rooms Home Furnishing
93. PDN Potpourri
89. True21 (gift certificate)
73. Stylin' by Sarafina (gift certificate)

51. KayeElle Kreations
64. Bella's Designs & BMP Photography
66. eXplicit Designs
74. RL Technologies (rose reminder)

56. Deadfall Designs and Photography
92. Royal Thai Galleries
96. Boathouse

59. Thy Designs
79. Dark Water Designs (his and hers bathing suits included)

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