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Wednesday, May 18

Summer Preview Hunt

Summer Preview Hunt
This was an interesting hunt to work on. I picked it because it had several stores I had never visited and because the weather is getting warmer here and the thought of the coming indolent summer days was simply appealing. There are 42 stops on the hunt path, which makes this a nice size to do over the coming weekend or spread over a couple of nights in SL. The stores didn't disappoint either - there are some amazing spots to explore and the gifts are a perfect balance of summer heat and cool.

There is some confusion on the hunt path, however - starting from store 8 and going to store 29, the hunt folders are off one digit from the blog numbers for the stores, so be aware of that as you reference the blog for SLurls. A few of the shops are skipped and I ran into a couple with incorrect LMs. Store 8 links you to store 28 on the blog list, and store 28 links you back to store 9 (which I think is why the folder numbers are off by 1), and store 27 gives you the LM to store 29, so no stores are skipped. Just keep an eye on where you are, and reference the blog as needed. BUT - everything is there, and you can navigate the hunt path without too much trouble. So, aside from neat places to check out, this hunt will keep you on your toes as you follow the hunt path. Use the official blog for SLurls and hints and you will do just fine. =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


May 2 - May 30



Search for item: Sculpted surfboard

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through (your mileage may vary):
4 & 19 - skipped per blog; empty gift - 17; no hunt item found - 42

9. :Robbish: (jeans not included)
30. Condemned Designs
24. Bitter Serum

8. Grumble
21. Bleh
11. Ka’z Fashion

15. Pulchritude
7. Static Clothing Co.
40. jaded threads

1. Hex (pose included)
13. Cashmere
37. How Vexing D: @#$%*!! (bikini not included)
12. .:Shush:.
3. Be Happy! (SL rez issues with top)

6. Beautiful Dirty Rich
35. HerBerry
33. Reila Skins & Fashion (top not included)
2. Urban Republic Co

29. .::Divine::. (top not included)
5. Moloko
34. Sophistishapes

14. Scratch Skins & Shapes (skin)
18. AMAZING art gallery
23. Studio nails
41. Elemental Earth Designs

27. .:: PaPiLLoN Design ::. (hairband, bag, shoes)
10. Never Ever!
39. Aphrodite Shop

22. Kabuki Creations
28. [mebbery]
31. Crazy Intentions
32. Diboutanicals

25. Comfy Within
38. ~*Shine Prefabs*~

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  1. hello but the number 3 be happy store i cant find