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Tuesday, May 17

Supernatural Hunt: 41-80

Supernatural Hunt
Part 2 of the Supernatural Hunt, and this portion went just as smoothly as the first. The official blog and the in-world group have all the information you need, and the gifts are fantastic! This is a must-do hunt for anyone who loves fantasy items; the vendors have really gone all out with some of the items available. Be sure to show your thanks with a little shopping, a tip or even a notecard or IM to let the vendors know how much their hard work is appreciated.

Remember, you have until the 31st to finish, so grab your favorite hunt buddy, and enjoy yourselves! =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


May 1 - May 31

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Search for item: Sculpted purple bottle

Number of stores:
80 (41-80 here)

Problems at the time I went through:

46. AC Designs (complete avatar, hair not included)
53. **Asteria Creations**
69. WPJewels

58. Sterling Artistry (complete avatar)
51. ~*~ Brandy's Boutique ~*~
41. Flowerdreams Creations

61. Alloro by Laurel Carlucci
78. Enshe (pants not included)
66. (.:FBC:.) Fabienne Bolissima Couture
71. ~~Jules Creations~~

55. SB Wear (skins)
78. Enshe (skin)

62. Style by Kira (skin)
67. ~*~Souzou Eien~*~
63. chat'teigne

45. Korba Huet & Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories (hobbit foot hair)
74. T R I D E N T Jewelry
75. Dust Bunnies
43. Campalicious!

65. Les sucreries de fairy
52. NLimbo Poses
56. Kabuki Creations
57. Maven's Home Furnishings & Decor

68. Evil Kitten
48. Wisent-Animations (alien skins/shapes included)
64. Imagine Furniture and Artwork
42. FlufferNutterz

70. Six Feet Under
50. Amulet
79. Pipper's Place
60. Bella's Designs & ..:*:.. BMP Photography (tip jar)
72. GUHL
49. Raven's Heart

73. T R I D E N T
44. Dragon`s Eye Design
47. Vamp Equip
59. DragonLady Designs Gallery

54. ~* Shine Prefabs *~
80. Llyr's Bay Fish & Mer Market

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