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Wednesday, June 15

Depraved Summer Nights Hunt: 1-43

Depraved Summer Nights Hunt
The darkly delightful people from Depraved have brought you another fun hunt this month. Depraved Summer Nights is a great hunt filled with cute summer fashions, some great builds and poses and accessories for men and women to make your summer nights a little more fun. The hunt ran smoothly with the help of the official blog, which contains stores, SLurls and hints. There is also an in-world group you can join for the latest updates and a little extra help if you get stuck somewhere. So grab your best hunt buddy and have a good time - a little depravity makes every summer better!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


June 1 - June 30



Search for item: Sculpted pinkish/purple bottle

Number of stores:
86 (1-43 here)

Problems at the time I went through:

1. Razorblade Jacket (M-jeans not included)
37. DivaLicious
28. Biohazard Rocker

43. Kamrek Creations
21. Justice
6. Sassy Kitty Designs

17. Bubble
34. Destiny's Designs
33. Suki's Silken Fashions

22. Xplosion
30. PixelDolls
20. Insanya (jeans not included)
18. Acid & Mala (top not included)

2. American Bazaar
40. Epic
7. Shush (top not included)
10. paper.doll (jeans not included)
35. Ziva's Underground Footware
38. Bedlam

23. Sweet'N'Tart (skin)
39. Katty Shapes (shape)
15. ODB
25. Hysteria
19. Sonic Monkey Death

5. Endless Pain Tattoos
16. Blow-Up (fatpack of bubblegum colors, could NOT catch a pic with my eyes open AND blowing the bubble at the same time - very tricky! =) )
27. Erosion
26. twee.
13. Repulse
31. Southpaw

31. Southpaw
32. LadyJCreations (pan flute)
8. Para Designs
3. Raw House
4. Atypical Mouthies
42. AAA Poses

41. Sweet Bites (animated pie fight for 2)
29. Lemons & Cream
12. Acide
9. Tea Soup

14. NeverMore (hard to see in the picture, but sculpted sand bodies for the beach)
11. croire


  1. Katty's Shapes doesnt seem to exist in the location that is given or in the slurl from the previous location.

  2. When you cant find a location, check with the in-world groups, often they have updated information. Barring that, try using SL search to find the store, or try finding the store owner and checking their profile for an updated location. =)