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Thank You to all of the creators!

Friday, June 17

Depraved Summer Nights Hunt: 44-86

Depraved Summer Nights Hunt
And here we have the second half of the Depraved Summer Nights Hunt for all you depraved summer people. The hunt itself went just as smoothly this half as the first - all the information you need is available via the official blog or the in-world group. I did run into a few stores that were tagged as bonus rather than an actual store number, so those have been marked accordingly in the pictures below. There's some really nice stuff, some stuff that made me giggle, and something for just about every taste over the course of this hunt. Grab your hunt pals and go have a depravedly good time!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


June 1 - June 30

Previous post:

Number of stores:
86 (44-86 here)

Problems at the time I went through:

44. Dani's
65. sur+ (jeans not included)
50. Simple Design

45. Abundantia
61. Monochrome
78. artMEfashions
51. Trapt (top not included)

64. NOSOTR@S (hair comes in several blonde shades, F-shirt not included)
48. Kennedy's (fatpack of legging colors, shirt not included)
60. Sweet Antidote (jeans not included)
81. Let's Get Dirty (jeans not included)

66. Reila Skins & Fashion (shirt not included)
83. Bella's
77. Yellow Berry
67. Monroes
72. Winterwood
84. neurotika

63. miSs rOUx (skin)
69. Killa Skins (skin)
75. SBY Beauty (skins)

Bonus a. PsychoTroPia
Bonus b. Virtual/Insanity
Bonus c. Captivity Co.
55. Buy Me
76. Pulchritude

Bonus d. IrEn
47. Adoness
52. Cracked Mirror
74. Demotik
58. CoLLisions
82. K2K Headquarters

62. Real Glamour
53. Thump
85. LoveZombie
68. Grumble
49. X-Clusive Animations

57. Sparrowtree Studios
71. Magnifique Poses
52. Cracked Mirror
56. Seil Xpression

Bonus e. Captivity Co.
54. Props'N'Poses (animated summersault)
86. ThistleWick Designs
70. Donogal
73. SB Wear

46. Hearth & Home
59. S&S Clockworks
79. DW Designs
28. Wicked Sexy Cycles


  1. what store is bonus item C in? I went to all the bonus stores and couldn't find it.

  2. As marked, its from Captivity Co. I double checked my inventory, and it is in a folder marked as being Captivity Co. bonus, and contains an LM to the next sequential store in the hunt. I also double checked the store numbers to make sure none were skipped or missing. I ended up with 2 folders from there, both marked as Captivity Co. bonus - so maybe they had 2 out, and you missed 1? Good luck =)

  3. was at Cracked Miror....searched everywhere...there is no hunt gift there...and i checked all what is it in.

  4. was also in K2K,searched in every store that belongs to him ,but its nothing there to find...(and i searched around every vendor)

  5. Hi there Anonymous - I'm sorry you are having trouble finding items. That is what the official blog and in-world groups are for - providing help to the hunters. If an item is shown in my blog, it means I found it at the time I went through the shops. I do not take blogger copies, I do the actual hunts myself. SL being SL, sometimes there are rez issues with something not showing up or maybe an owner drops out of the hunt or maybe an item is moved. We do not give locations of gifts or provide help in locating things, apart from which store we found the gift in. Try asking in the Depraved group if you are stuck. =)

  6. ooh ,i didnt want help..only to say that i fund ,sadly ,many places where it shuld be an item ,but in fact it isnt ....
    And i chuse Anonimus,because didnt know what to say ..lol...never used that before,so when its showed that option ,i take it ...