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Monday, July 11

FCKH8/Born This Way Hunt, pt. 1

FCKH8 Hunt
The FCKH8/Born This Way hunt is a 2-path hunt , with the FCKH8 path being adult/mature stores and the Born This Way path being more PG-oriented. With this post, we are bringing you the adult path, FCKH8. Everyone knows someone (or may personally have been) who has been impacted in some way by prejudices based on sexual orientation and preferences, so this hunt was a fun way to remind people that an open mind is a good thing and how important it is to look beyond one's choice of romantic partner when dealing with people you meet. The hunt itself is a quickie, easy to do in an evening if you wanted. There is an official blog which has SLurls, hints and hunt order and the hunt coordinators are more than happy to help if you get stuck along the way (thank you Tempest!). We had fun on this one, got to see some places we don't normally find on the hunt circuit, and had a blast unpacking and photographing the awesome loot! So don't be shy, grab your favorite hunt partner, and take part in this hunt before its over.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


July 1 - July 31



Search for item: black rainbow prim
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
16 skipped per blog

13. Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia
9. Dani's

11. Simple Designs
1. TempStormEmporium (jackets only)

4. A and S Vision (bottoms not included)
8. Simple Designs
16. Venomous Rage Designs (listed as 17 on the official hunt list, with 16 as a skip - I misnumbered the folder)

20. iRRegular iNventory (pasties not included)
6. Secrets of Gaia
21. Boozed Designs
13. Wildz Creations and Pimp Daddy Trivia
7. Shitz N Giggles
5. Deviant Designs
28. ~Come Get Creamed~ (comes in m/f bi, gay or lesbian design)

26. PNP: Props N Poses
24. MS.B.Designs
25. PRIME Furniture
15. Xclusives Animations

22. Z&A Productions
10. Kabuki Creations
19. JE Club Equiptment
14. emPathy
2. Bound & Bitten

27. Bear X-Rated (fatpacks of 3 style erotic pictures)
23. EB Rooms Home Furnishings
18. GUHL Architecture Design

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  1. Everyones Stuff looks awesome, Im Proud to have been part of this hunt.

    Frozen Rage