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Thank You to all of the creators!

Monday, August 15

Alphabet Soup Hunt

Alphabet Soup Hunt
The Alphabet Soup Hunt has a cute premise - rather than hunting by numbers, each store is assigned a letter of the alphabet. Rather than a specific icon to hunt for, each store has its assigned letter hidden somewhere in the store, and most of the gifts have been themed to be related to their store letter as well. This is a fun, easy to do little hunt with some really nice gifts for the lucky hunters. Some of the letters are easy, some are hard, and not all of them are the same color. This is a great hunt to do in an evening or two with your favorite hunt buddy. You have until the end of the month, so enjoy yourselves, explore the shops, and have some Alphabet soup!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


August 10 - August 31



Search for item: Each store has its own sculpted letter of the alphabet, most but not all are hot pink

Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:

B. Troubled Rebel (jeans not included)
F. Ducknipple (jeans not included)
O. YouriGami (shape)
I. GM&LB Designs
S. Shugah-Bug (sculpt map and fatpack of muffin textures)

V. Elite Skins & Shapes by NV
Y. In A Nutshell
Z. Bedlam
K. Magical Fairy Designs

H. The Crossing
Q. Prime Furniture
L. Embody
A. Kabuki

P. Tink's Place & Photography
N. The Perfect Gift
M. Grumble
C. Timeless Textures
G. Pipper's Place

J. Jabberwocky (sculpt maps to make jacks)
U. Virtual Interior Design & Decor
W. Maven's Home Furnishings
E. Primaholique

T. (IN)Discretions/Stone's Works
R. WetCat Builds&Poses


  1. Hi,
    I am the creator of the sculpt maps that are used to make the Hot Air Balloon that is shown for the Aphabet Soup Hunt Letter X at Rita Munro's Touch It Store.
    Rita Munro has had 2 DMCA take down orders filed against her in the past 2 weeks to stop using these sculpt maps and/or Sculpted Prims made from the sculpt maps. She is to destroy all sculpt maps and any thing made from my sculpt maps or any modified sculpt maps that she may have uploaded to her pc and back to SL.
    Please be aware that I am requesting the Maps to be removed from the system by Linden Labs.

    Bram Hallison
    OWNER Of :T.K.L.:

  2. Hi, Bram - thank you for the heads up. We do not condone or support people using pirated, stolen, or copybotted items in Second Life. As is the blog's policy in the past when a gift has been called into question concerning those types of issues, we will remove the picture from the posts and we do encourage hunters who have received the item to delete it from inventory.

    Cheers, Shadow

  3. Thank You Very Much!

    Great Job!

    Bram :)