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Wednesday, August 17

Ugh..I mean..Yay for progress....

Just a quick note to let folks know that we do have more hunts this month in store for posting...but...I am being pokey about getting them posted in a timely manner. I switched from Phoenix to Firestorm over the weekend, and omg - I evidently have zero learning curve in making the switch...~LOL~ I KNOW stuff is there, I saw the buttons...but I cant remember WHERE I saw them or how to find them again...which is playing havoc with my picture taking ability.

So...I put together a crib sheet of sorts for myself, and I think we are back in business in terms of photos for the blog...expect the posts to resume in a day or so...and any changes you might see in terms of photos, blame Firestorm!

In all seriousness, tho, folks - I had been dreading making the switch, and I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as painful as I had feared. Certain elements blow, and blow badly, but overall I am finding that it loads much faster for me and puts less of a load on my computer than Phoenix did. Almost enough to compensate for the annoying things...such as light settings that don't hold from session to session, or losing all the changes to tabs and whatnot when I crash, oh, and lets not forget the apparent need to change all the icon images so that things in inventory take longer to figure out....not that I am complaining (overly much), Firestorm developers - I think you guys did a great job in trying to make V2 better. The more I use it, the more familiar the changes will become, I am sure, until it is second nature to use, just like Phoenix was.

Cheers, and happy hunting!


  1. I'm dreading making the switch.. I'm a creature of habit and hate change. I'm doomed:(

  2. The Phoenix guys have a link when you open Firestorm to see a video on how to make it flow a bit more like V1...worth watching!

  3. Sorry to hear that the switch is a pain. I'm a bit ashamed in saying that I'm happy it's not only me who's pulling out my hair. (If you see me inworld, I'll be bald! LOL) I love Phoenix, but the multilayering that V2 can handle is something I just learned I don't wanna live without. Hopefully, a lot of us "old dogs" will finally grasp Firestorm's "new tricks". In the meantime, keep on blogging. Your work is awesome!

  4. I also have been going through "The Change", stumbling along learning Firestorm. But, yes, lipstick, eye shadow, and your fav hair base tattoo layers all at once, YEA! I can now press the add button with gleeful abandon, pretty confident my skirt is not going to disappear in public. I'm also starting to realize how much easier it is to find inv items while editing avatar appearance. I sure do miss spell check though.

  5. when are you showing new hunts??????

    greetings ayla

  6. hiya Ayla - new posts are coming now. With Twisted, Steam and the Cart Wash event all in the month of September, I took some time off at the end of August to get some non-blog related work in SL finished and my slate clear for the huge September hunts.

    Cheers, Shadow