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Tuesday, August 9

Supernatural Hunt II: In the Dark (51-92)

Supernatural Hunt II: In the Dark
Here's the second half of the Supernatural II Hunt - more goodies from some great designers hidden for the wary hunter to find. The vendors picked some really good hidey holes for the gargoyles, so be sure to give the stores plenty of time to rez while you are looking. Sometimes, especially when the item is made small, it takes an extra few minutes to rez enough to spot it. There are a few skips, as with the first half of the hunt, but again the blog gives you all the information you need and LMs in the gifts are up to date to get you from place to place with no problems. This was a fun hunt to do, and I think you'll have a good time following the path.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


August 1 - August 31

Previous Post:

Search for item: Sculpted gargoyle

Number of stores:
92 (51-92 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
A few skips per the blog

66. GC Good Clothing
76. Shade Designs
92. Holly's Fashions (also comes with a black tank for the men but SL ate it when i was unpacking)

54. Asteria Creations
64. =BoS=
84. A and S Visions (complete avatars)
90. Ignition (skin/shape not included)

67. SB Wear (skin/shape)
88. Hot Stuff (skin, clothing painted on)
78. Exquisite Jewelry

63. Campalicious (male and female sizes included)
82. Studio Nails
68. Thorns and Petals
79. Drakke Designs
86. Cyber Gem Jewelry

74. Orage Creations
81. Mae Fairy Tale
72. TexWorks
62. Bloodmyst
73. BunnyStar
87. Pipper's Place

60. Sexy Swagger
71. Michigan Breedables
59. Damage Inc.
89. Kabuki Creations

69. Odds & Ends
80. Wicked Beauty Light Shows
61. Bella's Designs/BMP Photography
51. Maven's Home Furnishings & Decor
75. Maxx-imum Exposure Photography

91. SJP Textures
55. Imagine Flowers and Gardens
53. Shadow Dreams
65. The Sacred Flame Garden Center
77. Visions Gallery

85. De Baza
52. Les Sucreries de Fairy

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