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Friday, September 9

Grrrrrr and YAY! news...

Its not often that someone leaves a comment here on the blog that annoys me, and while I do screen them before making them public for language content, I generally let almost any post through. There have been 4 exceptions to that this week. One was a post referring to a situation from last month which really has no place here on my blog any more and three were from someone who felt the need to comment on each missing store in the 3 Twisted posts I currently have up. (Oh, and the 4th Twisted post is coming, never fear!) The 3 posts, from the same person, kinda pushed my buttons this morning.

YES - there are 10 stores on the Twisted hunt path which are NOT included in the first 150 stores I have shown. As it states in the little blurps, under problems, there are always some stores not ready at the beginning of a hunt. I did Twisted in 4 days - from midnight at the start to of Sept. 4th. Of those 10 stores, 9 were skips when I went through - the LMs in the gift just before it took you to the store after because of being dropped out or not ready at that time. One is a store I do not hunt because the lag there is insane and it crashes me every single time I set foot in the sim it is located on. Of the 9 skips, I now have items from 2 of the stores, which will be included in the 4th Twisted post when it gets online.

As a hunter, when you do the freakin' hunt, you will get this information from the group. That's what they are there for. They give hints and tell you where the trouble spots are. I don't list them anymore because it constantly changes as stores drop out or get their stuff together and working right. Personally, I think being able to bring you 140 out of the first 150 (without checking my folders atm, I am not sure which, if any, of the last 151-207 stores were skips when I did them), is pretty damn good, instead of sitting there and going over number by number and feeling the need to point out what is missing, especially without knowing WHY they are missing.

As for listing stores multiple times - very simply, that means whatever their gift was, either it came in multiple parts (as in more than one gift at the location) or the gift was a big one and was split up when I edited the pictures. In case it has slipped anyone's notice, I tend to lump clothing gifts first, then skins and accessories, poses, builds, and houses last. Sorting the pictures by content helps me edit them into a more coherent post for the readers to look through. Again, why the need to comment on that, especially in terms of no pictures? Makes no sense to me - if there were not multiple pictures of items from a store, then there would be no multiple listing OF the store...there are no random numbers in the lists without corresponding images.

Here's the deal, folks, and I apologize to those of you who have stuck by the blog and been so encouraging in the 15 months it has been online: As it states plainly on the blog - we blog what we like, same as any other blog.

1. If I want to skip a store because I consistently have trouble on that sim, I will.

2. If I do not go back for stores that weren't ready when I went through the hunt, I won't - I have a ton of stuff going on and I don't have the time for it.

3. I pick hunts that interest me and do those first - that doesn't mean Hunt XYZ doesn't stand a chance of being blogged, it means that I make my own list of the hunts I want to do each month. Time permitting, which included enough time before the end of a hunt for me to finish, photograph, edit and get it online with enough time for the hunters to actually do the hunt, I add others once my personal list is completed.

4. Hunting is supposed to be fun. That includes fun for me too, and same with the blog. Its supposed to be fun. I run the blog in a way that makes it fun for me, and I hope helpful to others.

5. If you don't like the way I do the blog, if my hunt choices don't match your tastes, or if you honestly have nothing better to do with your time than sit and count missing stores, well, there are tons of other blogs out there and maybe one will suit you better.

/end Grrrr...

Now that that's out of the way.....I have some great news! I had planned to sit on this a bit longer, and pull it out for Steam, but I hate feeling all grrr first thing in my day, so I thought I'd share the happy too:

Those of you who have followed the blog since the beginning will remember Mr. Thanos Darkfury, he of the fearless pink hunting thong. Thanos left the blog in November, 2010, but I am pleased and thrilled and tickled and every other happy sensation you can think of to announce that he has returned to SL Freebie Hunters, and will be blogging with us again as of this month. His debut return will be on Steam. Thanos is, without a doubt, one of the best hunters I know. He is also a lot of fun, always ready with a quick joke or helping hand when needed. Plus, he has no qualms about getting photographed in the most outrageous outfits! =)

Its been a pleasure over the last few weeks to get back in the practice of hunting together and I am looking forward to his contributions to the blog. Welcome back, Thanos!



  1. Bravo! The blogger writes a blog as it sees fit and publish what he wants and the only way. No one owes nothing to.

  2. Glad you are the way you are, this blog is the most amazing blog i've been following for a while. It's helpful and fun! I wish someday ppl like the person you talked about understand what bloggers go through every time. As i always would say, behind every one of us there's a human being and we do have feelings. Keep up the good work you guys are amazing!! :)

  3. I was gonna comment about how much your blog is appreciated. How people need to realize that its a hobby and not a job. How you don't even need to post hunt items that they can do it themselves and find out what it is and so on but the picture of the guy in the pink undies totally distracted me from what I really wanted to say. :P

    Keep up the amazing job and thank you so much for taking the time to post about such wonderful hunts. :)

  4. Don't sweat it, Shadow. We love you, and the work that you do on this blog. It's great to see you back after a couple of weeks off, BTW.

  5. Just wanted to say I LOVE the blog - and the way you clump the prizes in categories. I rarely start a hunt without checking here first. :)

  6. Don't listen to the people who only have negative comments. I LOVE your blog, and sometimes I only participate in a hunt if you've recommended it. Keep on hunting.

  7. This is the best blog I have seen ,, and hunting should be fun !
    I love that you sort it by categories make it much easier to scan and is nice you go to the trouble to do this .

    Thanks again

  8. You are doing a fantastic job. Thank you.

  9. One can only imagine the time you spend hunting, unpacking, rezzing, photographing, editing, and managing a well organized a blog.... Thank you for all you do and especially for doing it with a positive attitude.

  10. Wow, for hunts as large as the ones you cover, skipping a few stores isn't a big deal. Myself, I double check the hunt's master store list to be sure I don't accidentally miss stores I know by name and frequent; and that's just covering my own human error. If people really LIKE the hunt, they should do this as well in addition to using the fruits of your labors. :D Also, good to hear for Thanos! Now get to work on STEAM, chop chop! (kidding)

  11. I check this webpage about each day to see if there are new hunts. All the work put into making this easy for us is much appreciated!

    Don't let some whiner ruin your mood. Grab a SL rotten tomato.. and aim at the whiner... SPLAT!!!!!
    This will fix your bad mood. ENJOY!

  12. This is one of my favorite blogs. You really are amazing. Thank you so much for your hard work.

  13. I know a person that used to do a hint blog, the comments that she got on the blog were sometimes insane. People screaming because the item was moved and the hint no longer valid, screaming about certain hunts not being done etc.People fail to realize that blogs like that one and this one are a bonus not a requirement. The people that run blogs such as this do it for fun. Thank you for this this blog, it's been a wonderful time saver for me.

  14. There's enough negativity in the world why do people have to bring it on here too. If they do this here wonder what they are like in rl. No maybe then again I don't want to know. You don't need to do this blog at all and people need to realize that and that its done for FUN. Your blog makes my job as a hunter easier lol. Thanks for all your time you put into doing the hunt unpacking putting on photographing and ect.

  15. As a side note, because I didn't think it needed saying in the main post, but apparently, I was wrong - we do not...repeat, NOT...condone the creation of cheat sheets, photos of hunt item locations, or endorse sites that post direct slurls, pictures of hunt item locations, or any of that type of thing. Designers work damn hard creating their gifts, oftentimes at cost to themselves for sculpts, textures, etc. and the least you can do is actually HUNT for the stuff.

  16. First, I would like to say thank you. I absolutely adore hunts but due to rl I can no longer do them from start to finish. However, I do still love seeing the hunt gifts and getting a few of them. This blog helps me to pick and choose what gifts I will go hunting for. It allows me to still take part in hunts, keep my massive inventory down and feel like Im getting my hunt fix. Im of the mind, so what if some are missing from the pictures. I know there is a good reason, be it because the item wasnt ready yet or some other issue. So to end, thank you for all that you do *gives a big standing ovation*

  17. Hey shadowed, I as a store owner, a hunt organizer, and as a hunter appreciate what you do. Please know some of us really appreciate what you do.
    Your blog helps me manage my time, and helps me see how my gifts stack up to others and challenges me to constantly improve myself. Thank you.

    For the couple of people that have commented that you have issues with being able to get through hunts because of RL circumstances or conditions, please note that some store owners are willing to help out some, or put past hunt items availible for sale. It usually doesn't hurt to ask very politely.

  18. Shadow... ok, my 2 cents here (and there's a lot of it in this post, but I can't help myself) As the owner of one of the stores left out of the posts, I want to say to the whiner...GET A GRIP! The Twisted Hunt especially is the hardest hunt on the grid, to see that you managed to not only hunt the entire 200+ stores, but unpack, sort, photograph and post all that you have is AMAZING. Never fear hun, you have my vote. That you either couldn't find my item or you misplaced it in the mass quantities of gifts or simply didn't like what I had to offer, it's no sweat off my back, you're still amazing and I applaud you and all that you do. Keep smiling and ignore the drama!

  19. I didn't miss you, Ms.B...~L~...i somehow sent 186 to 192, 111, and the M/F outfits from someone else's gift into the end game folder, so you're coming up. One thing I try NOT to do is pick and choose who gets blogged - if you are in the hunt and took the time to make a gift, I'll show it. In the case of Twisted, there is SO MUCH, I am limiting myself to main prizes this time or I would be blogging nothing else this month! =)

  20. LOL you silly and wonderful woman, I was not complaining, I was on your side. Either way you give me a HUGE smile and I'm a fan <3

  21. I want to thank you for all the blogging you done on the hunts... Thank you very much... I don't know how many hunts have learn about from this blog... :P


  22. *hugs* great job as always. and seriously, anyone who complains about this blog needs to remember the days before SL Freebie Hunters. lol. I don't rely on this blog as my first resource. I hunt on my own, and I come here later on, because usually I've already hunted a bit and I need a little help or encouragement to keep going. I appreciate your work!

  23. The time and energy you spend showing us the hunt items is so much appreciated! By the writer of this post - for sure. Thank you for it! I can't imagine why anyone could complain about such a nice convenience. How truly lazy do they have to be to complain about something already done for them? Pitying your hecklers is what I choose to do. Poor slobs, can't be grateful for a favor when they see one.

  24. As a merchant I agree with what the other store owner said about being able to compare gifts and see if ya stuff is up to snuff lol I know since I found this blog my hunt gifts have gotten better and better, and it always jazzes me when I see my gift blogged here. It's free advertising for us, so anyone who is bitching is certifiably insane and needs their teeth kicked in ;)