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Sunday, September 11

Twisted Fall 2011: Unseelie Hunt, pt. 4

Twisted Fall 2011 Hunt
I swear this year, every time I think I am at the end of Twisted stuff and ready to blog - more pops up. This is installment #4, Kiddies, and there will be one more after this - I think. Apparently, when splitting up the hunt into manageable chunks for posting, I inadvertently stuck some of them into the final folder, which was supposed to contain only the End Game items. So...last post will be End Game and the missing bits from this section of the hunt. Honestly - I think the folders are multiplying on their own in that folder. Standard disclaimers apply: this is what I found, you may find more, you may find less, you may find different gifts entirely if the designers are tricksy and swapped them out for other things. I am not showing the extras in these posts, just the main gifts..or at least I think its the main gifts, I may be wrong on that score as well. The designers went nuts this year with extras, multiple gifts, split gifts, etc. so I am sure I am missing something somewhere. =)

Twisted lives up to its reputation and then some this time around, so be sure to join the in-world group for hints and help and sympathy when you get stuck. The official blog is priceless - it contains all the store SLurls which allows you to stop when you hit a problem area, continue hunting in the next store on the path, and then go back when your brain unmushes.

Stock up on chocolate, alcohol and a brown paper bag for when you hypervenilate (or vomit as the alcohol and moving walls/floors work on your senses), and have an awesome hunt!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


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Search for item: Blurple Twisted cube
Number of stores:
207 (151-207 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
The usual problems with stores not ready on time or delayed because of people effected by hurricane Irene on the east coast, but the coordinators are getting everything sorted out - ask in group if you have a problem somewhere

200. Indigo Oddities
184. DragonLady's Closet
177. Sangre Noir

206. Brat!
172. Femme Fatale & Slave Driven Designs (M-jeans not included)

168. ELIXIR (top not included)
152. Abundantia (F-jeans not included)

164. Art Adagio (jeans not included)
158. Top Katz
196. Gem Designs
173. Snowpaws

178. TempT
199. Sassy!
195. Divalicious
175. U&R DOGS
201. Tree House Treasures
185. Rams Tattoo

198. Rag Dollz
207. AC Designs (complete avs)

151. Tigerlily (skins)
163. Shape It Up (shapes)

161. Burren-Built Designs (skins and tattoos)
193. Moonshadow (skin)

152. Abundantia
167. Xtreme Restrained Life
183. Exquisite Jewellery
169. SexySyn's Clothing and Living
182. Gin's Gems
154. Hysteria

203. Bliensen + MaiTai
180. Ear Candy
172. Femme Fatale & Slave Driven Designs
157. Star Kindler Designs

172. Femme Fatale & Slave Driven Designs
166. Whims & Wishes
169. SexySyn's Clothing and Living
197. X Factor

202. Angelic Designs
194. FlufferNutterz
204. The Crossing
174. Prims 4 U Food Home & Garden

156. Damage Inc.
181. Zoe's Garden
152. Abundantia
171. Darkfold Designs
170. Julia Collection (wearable)

162. Xtreme Designs (tip jar)
153. ThatChick (gift also includes M/F outfits, photos of which got inadvertently stuck in the wrong folder and which will be shown in the next Twisted post)
160. Maven's Home Furnishings
104. Epic Toys (470+ prims in this item when rezzed furnished, photo used with permission of Mayah Parx)

159. Dekute Dekore
164. Art Adagio
172. Femme Fatale & Slave Driven Designs

205. De Baza

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