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Monday, September 12

Twisted Fall 2011: Unseelie Hunt, pt. 5

Twisted Fall 2011 Hunt
Final chapter for this time around, folks - this wraps up the Fall 2011 Twisted Hunt. The endgame maze is, well, amazing - gorgeously built with beautifully eerie details around just about every corner, and oh-so-easy to get utterly and completely tangled up and lost inside. It was the perfect ending to one of the more difficult Twisted hunts to date.

Also in this post are a handful of stores that got misfiled in my folders when I was sorting them for photo sessions. My apologies for the confusion, but I am doing double-blog duty this month for here and the Cart Wash event, and things are a wee bit chaotic in my inventory. This should be everything I have for the hunt, minus the stores which were listed as skips when I went through the hunt path. Keep in mind, there are TONS of extras out there from the designers - mini hunts, extra gifts, freebies and gacha machine items - way too much for me to blog it all, so these posts have stuck to the main gifts. Consider the extras to be mystery presents when you unpack your loot.

The hunt runs all month, and there is an online official blog with all store SLurls and an in-world group where you can find hints and help as you work through the hunt.

My deepest congratulations and thank yous to the wonderful people behind the scenes for putting together a fantastic journey for all the hunters. There is a ton of work required in making a hunt run smooth and keeping hints up to date and available - be sure to thank the designers and coordinators and hunt helpers if you get the chance.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


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Search for item: Blurple Twisted cube
Number of stores:
207 (Missed stores and End Game gifts here)

Problems at the time I went through:
The usual problems with stores not ready on time or delayed because of people effected by hurricane Irene on the east coast, but the coordinators are getting everything sorted out - ask in group if you have a problem somewhere

188. kisetsu
111. RFyre (top not included)
189. Cherry Bomb (jeans not included)

30. Fatal Error (previously shown with incorrect skin from the gift, full av included)
192. Ms. B. Designs (shapes)

153. ThatChick

187. LaFrayeur
192. Ms. B. Designs
190. PRIME Furniture

187. LaFrayeur
191. Nekolicious

4. Kastle Rock Couture
1. gilded
10. The Fooding
6. Burren-Built Designs

12. Dare Designs
13. Abundantia
2. AC Designs
3. Cummere Mayo Creations

11. Lemons & Cream
5. Secrets of Gaia
8. LOoLOo's

9. Moon's Howling Creations
7. Gothic Desires
14. Bad Juju



  1. wow you guys are sooo amazing...thank you for the great hunt review- and all Hunters in SL bow down to you :-)

  2. I don't know if this is the hardest hunt ever like people are saying because I haven't done it, but it certainly seems like one of the LONGEST. Seriously, kudos to you.

  3. Yay Shadow you made it!!! You're an official twisted survivor. LMAO...thanks for all the great stuff you post, you're AMAZING. Now sit down, put your feet up and have a glass of wine.

  4. You know what, This is just simply THE BEST!Hunt Review EVER!!!! Keep up the Outstanding job <3