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Thank You to all of the creators!

Monday, September 5

Twisted Fall 2011: Unseelie Hunt

Twisted Fall 2011 Hunt
They're back.....

Those lovely folks at DV8 have brought us the Twisted Fall 2011 Hunt, and good god - this is a KICK ASS hunt, in more ways than one! There are 207 stores on the path, countless extras, specials, games, mazes and so forth along the way, AND the final End Game with a ton of gifts for anyone who makes it through to the end. The color this time around is Twisted Blurple (a bluey-purply indigo shade) and the theme is Unseelies...really, what more could you want?

Oh yeah - you might want help on the hunt. For those of you who are veterans, stop snickering at the new kids. For those of you who are new to the hunt, best advice I can give you is to pad your desktop in case of faceplants and keep a cold adult beverage handy, you'll need it. The official blog has a listing of all participating stores in order, and SLurls to get to each one. There are no hints posted. The only place for hints is in the Twisted group. Whining, cheating, yelling out locations, general asshat behavior, and lack of a sense of humor will result in a crappy hunt experience for you, as the group has low tolerance for crybabies. Its Twisted, folks - the hardest, holy crap-ist, how the hell did I miss that-ist hunt in Second Life.

Cliffnotes for the uninitiated: You are looking for a blurple colored hellraiser cube. It should be within 30 meters of your landing point when you teleport to the location (if there are multiple gifts, only the first is required to be within that zone, others can be anywhere). There can be up to 10 visible decoys. That means you can see them with your eyes and your cam. There can be unlimited hidden decoys (inside walls, floors, etc) and renamed prims to help foil those who use scanners and wireframe. This hunt will drive you insane. You will swear there is no prize cube in some locations. You will go blind and have your eyes burned out in others. But most of all, you will have an utterly fantastic time and the gifts are superb and totally make up for the blood, sweat and tears to find them all.

As a side note, I did the hunt in 4 days - definitely not my fasted Twisted time. There were a few places that took me ages to figure out along the way, which was great. I will be submitting the bill for my psychiatric and opthamology post-hunt care to the appropriate store owners. It is entirely possible I missed something and may not have every item from every store to show you. I am not showing all the extras (maybe in a later post), just the main gifts. So if you find something I missed, congratulations, and awesome catch! And for the many people along the way who were so helpful - thank you very much, you saved whats left of my sanity! =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


September 1 - September 30



Search for item: Blurple Twisted cube
Number of stores:
207 (1-50 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
The usual problems with stores not ready on time or delayed because of people effected by hurricane Irene on the east coast, but the coordinators are getting everything sorted out - ask in group if you have a problem somewhere

1. +DV8+
21. Vengeful Threads
14. Avatar Bizarre

42. The Delectable Doll
4. BLUE BLOOD (M-pants not included)
7. Dare Designs
16. LuNi

42. Urban Republic
27. Beauty Killer
18. Arisaris
36. ezura Xue

33. Goth1c0
25. Deviant Designs
38. A and S Visions

11. Malfean Visions
20. Bad Juju

22. Re.Birth (multiple eye/brow choices with each skin)

30. Fatal Error
39. b[ELLE]issima

8. Kastle Rock Couture
13. Sn@tch (fatpack of eyemakeup colors and 2 eye choices)
9. Dilly Dolls
6. Grumble

46. CoLLisions (tattoo)
32. Moxie
19. Southern Charm
29. T R I D E N T Jewelry

17. Secrets of Gaia
44. Del May Mainstore

35. Obsidian
34. Snow Bound
26. Lemons & Cream
47. Treasured Cove

40. Cracked
45. Adoration Home and Garden
3. A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop
15. Kabuki Creations

23. Hearth & Home
10. Roawenwood
31. Dreams in Digital Art Gallery
2. Yellow Jester
28. The Fooding

37. United InshCon
49. Curvasive Designs

43. MollyWorld Dwellings

41. Dreamscapes Art Gallery


  1. can you do the anime hunt and the wonderland hunt both are ending soon

  2. Sorry, but no, I will not be doing those hunts. There is only so much time in the day, and in addition to hunting/posting the blog here alone, I do have a RL that needs time and attention too. Each month, I pick the hunts that most interest me and do those first, then fit in others as I have time. With Twisted, Steam and the Cart Sale at the Wash going on right now, I just don't have the time, but thank you for your interest in them.

  3. hey Shadowed, i would love to help you with the blog if you want, i also do a lot of hunts. Contact me if you are interested Hela Beck

  4. Would you happen to know of a blog that covers those types of hunts? (Not just the passing "shirt from X hunt, pants from Y hunt" fashion blogs)

  5. Would it be possible for you to start updating the blog calendar again ("SL Hunts List")? Or else remove it entirely? If you updated it once a month readers would know which hunts you INTEND to feature each month. Any additional featured hunts would then be a bonus surprise.

    You might also add a paraphrase of what you said above here by way of explanation.

  6. If you think you can do it better. You create a blog. Do the hunts, open the boxes, take a picture of each prize and blog it. Only than will you realize that it's a lot of work with no real reward in it. Just be thankful for the hunts that are covered here. I'd rather see the passing shirt from X hunt, pants from Y hunt on fashion blogs than nothing at all. You know... nobody is obligated to post anything.

  7. Couple things, folks: Yes - this is a very time intensive blog. A normal hunt (150 or fewer stores) takes about 2,3 days to hunt, a day to photograph, and a day to post. Longer/harder hunts (such as Twisted) take longer, unless I am wired enough to skip sleeping for a couple days when Twisted Fever kicks in. ANYONE who blogs puts in a tremendous amount of their time finding stuff and getting it online for you to see. There is no monetary reward for this, we don't get rich and famous from it. Its a labor of love, most times. One of the best rewards has been the people I have met along the way - getting to know shops and folks I wouldn't ordinarily cross paths with. I imagine its the same for other bloggers too. There are only X number of hours in a day. Like other bloggers, time spent in SL and blogging is balanced with my family life and my real world job. There are too many hunts to do every one every month. I do the ones that appeal to me first, then the others as I have time. Removing the monthly hunt list was a good idea - its time consuming to put the page together every month when the information is available to hunters elsewhere, so the page is gone. If you don't like my hunt choices, well, everyone has different tastes. Look around, there are tons and tons of blogs for SL, I am sure you can find something more your speed. Cheers and happy hunting! =)

  8. The one you marked as 30, Fatal Error, um that wasn't what I got in my cubes from that store. Are you sure that was 30?

  9. Hi Vivian - I went back and checked my folders, and i have #30, Fatal Error, Sukkubus for the girls and Inkubus for the boys. If you have something different, its possible there were extras, bonus gifts, etc. which I did not pick up and that may be what you have. As I wrote in the post, I am showing what I found - you may have found something else, gifts might have been changed, etc. Happy hunting! =)

  10. hey;-) im the creator of #30 ..:Fatal Eror:.. i had a little glitch at my huntbox^^.. by mitake i dropped in the male AND female skin at the male outfit box^^.. at your pic you wearing the female skin at the male avie^^ *hihi*.... but everything else it correct.. so i guess vivian picked up one of my 7 hunt within the hunt gifts^^...
    Sui Graves

  11. hi there Sui =) even with the girl skin on, the guy looks awesome. since i, in turn, moved about 10 store's gifts into my end game folder, and will be needing to post those, i'll add another pic of the male outfit with the male skin, just to help unconfuse folks. cheers, and thank you for the fantastic avs!


  12. Thx for the great and hard work guys, you help us a lot!

  13. Hi Shadowed, just wanted to say that I (and many others) really appreciate the work you put into this blog. It's a great help to me as I can see exactly what a Hunt offers (there's so many Hunts in Sl that you just can't do them all! lol)snd i can choose which Hunt to to from the pics you do. Thank you for all the hard work!
    Barbie Cyberstar

  14. Awesome work. Really. Thank you for this.

  15. Glad I didn't waste time doing this whole hunt, so thanks for blogging it. The things are unique, but after doing the last two Twisted hunts and realizing that all the hunt does it clog my inventory with crap I will never wear or use, I've decided that I am just not that twisted of a person LOL Thanks for the blog as always you are the best. I always consult this blog before hunting. It's a godsend, don't ever stop.