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Thursday, August 18

Salivating Schlongs Hunt

Salivating Schlongs Hunt
Another little gem from the folks at Depravity Hunts. Apparently there was some fuss about their hunt earlier this summer - "Titillating Tatas" - they were accused of being sexist in their choice of theme. In the spirit of fairness, and a health dose of tongue in cheek, they now bring you the Salivating Schlongs Hunt. 20-someodd stores who have hidden goodies for the hunter with a sense of humor, all relating to...you guessed it...schlongs. Don't bring your grandmother on this hunt with you, but grab a few of your naughty friends and have a blast in pursuit of that elusive white jockstrap. The hunt runs until the end of the month, so don't waste too much time before you give it a try. There is an in-world group, as well as an official blog page with hints and SLurls.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


August 15 - August 31



Search for item: flat prim white jockstrap
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
3 - no gift found; 14 - no gift found; 22 - no gift when I did the hunt but the item is available now

17. Dani's
23. Dark Water Designs (jeans not included)
25. Cummere Mayo Creations (unisex)

2. Brat! (surfboard is rideable)
10. (in)Discretions
19. Sexy Swagger
13. D.A.D.T.
15. Asteria Creations

18. Karma's Kreations
7. PA Designe (jeans not included)
16. Les Sucreries de Fairy
23. Dark Water Designs
6. iRRefular iNventory
1. Avatar Bizarre
24. Tamiron Forge

8. Amulet (several "flavors" included)
12. Secrets of Gaia
9. Pipper's Place
5. Cynful Designs
21. Shadow Moon

11. Shadow Dreams


  1. I love this blog and you will not come back? :/

  2. hiya - new posts are coming now. With Twisted, Steam and the Cart Wash event all in the month of September, I took some time off at the end of August to get some non-blog related work in SL finished and my slate clear for the huge September hunts.

    Cheers, Shadow