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Thursday, November 10

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2, part 2

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 2
Holy cow (or turkey, as the case may be)! We finished the second half of the Dirty Turkey Hunt 2, and man -definitely more challenging than the first half was! You really need to use the official blog for this portion of the hunt, folks, as there are a handful of incorrect LMs in the folders as you move closer to the end of the hunt. Additionally, we somehow managed to find several shops NOT listed in the blog - as we were going, we were following the LMs inside the folders, then double-checking against the blog, and it looks like things got a bit scrambled. So be sure to check both, and follow both sets of LMs when you get confused - some went to obviously wrong places where stores used to be, but a few went to shops not listed in the blog who did have a sign and gift hidden.

Take your time, take a buddy, and have a ball chasing those elusive little bottles!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

November 1 - November 30

Official Blog:

Previous Post:

Search for item: Sculpted Dirty Turkey bottle
Number of stores:
104 (53-end shown here)

Problems at the time we went through:
None, but be sure to use the Slurls on the official blog as well as the ones in the folders.

56. SA Quartermaster (includes shape)
57. Lyrieals
99. Destiny's Designs

96. Serenity in the Sun
58. WafflerZ (M-jeans not included)
70. ShirtShip (jeans not included)

60. Ali Couture (M-jeans not included)
65. J.P.D (jeans not included)
79. Lil Bitz

69. EminencE Clothing
98. Femme Fatale
109. Eat Paste (skin included)

85. Evil Bunneh
64. Erotique Designs
62. Winterwood Designs
86. Vero Moderno
78. Wild Serenity

97. Les Sucreries de Fairy
53. Retro

87. NaCrS (skin and t-shirt)
83. Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
61. PA Designs
67. Swine and Roses
93. YaYo

66. NerdMonkey
68. The Muffin shack
71. Ziva's Underground Footwear
92. riddlebox
59. DemotiK

72. Suki's Silken Fashions
91. KTQ Poses
54. Kabuki Creations
88. Cheesy Poses
104A. PNP

94. Julia Collection
89. Pulchritude
73. Harry's Houses
55. Captivity Co.
80. Khargo Grunge

100. Z&A Productions
106. RoseHaven Designs
76. Palais
77. Just In The Nick Of Time
90. Incendia Campfires

77. Just In The Nick Of Time
74. DW Design
82. RVi Design
95. MewMew
63. RO!ACT Designs

101. FLOOD
75. Salamander's World
81. X Factor (particle wildflower ground cover)


  1. Heya!
    I've been watching Tigerlily as they've been increasingly more and more exposed as copybots:
    As per that comment, they appear to be removed from the hunt, so might be good to contact the hunt organizers and doublecheck. :D
    (They also don't appear on the website.)


  2. hiya Croon =) Thanks for the heads up, we will check into it. Our policy in the past has always been if a gift is determined to be copybotted, we pull the image/store name from the blog. If that is the case here, we will do so again.

    Cheers, Shadow

    Updated 11/13/2011, 4:41am - I spoke with the hunt coordinator, and the store was removed from the hunt for not complying with hunt guidelines, NOT for the alleged issue with the skin. Frankly, from what I could gather, both from in-world information and the link Croon sent, the copybot issue is questionable. The designer claims to be using legitimately purchased templates, others claim its 'botted.

    In any event, until a decision is reached by those who know better than I, I prefer to prescribe good faith usage to the designer. We have removed the picture, but only because the store is not in the hunt, and NOT because of copybot issues.

  3. Croon, before you spout words like copybot on a website like this shouldnt you get the facts? Do you know what a copybotter is? Do you know what a template is?

    By more and more exposed you mean 4 proven instances of template use, but no proof of copybotting? DO you actually read what is said, or make a judgement based on nothing?

  4. I'm honestly surprised anyone lets Salamander's World into their hunts any more. Most hunts want their merchants to create original items. I've been doing hunts for close to three years now, and I mean it quite literally when I say that their hunt gifts have been *exactly the same items* every single hunt they're in. They might throw in a recoloring for variety every once in a long while, but it's still the same stuff. Over and over and over.