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Thank You to all of the creators!

Tuesday, November 15

MENStuff Hunt Nov. 2011 (1-50)

MENstuff Hunt
Here's our final post on the current MENstuff Hunt, stores 1-50. Whew - what an absolute treasure trove of goodies is waiting for you guys on this hunt! This is the most shapes I can remember seeing in one hunt in a very, very long time. There is everything you need from skins to shapes to hair to clothes to accessories to give yourself a complete makeover right before the holidays - kinda like Christmas came early this year. The beginning portion of the hunt (which we did last) went just as smoothly as the rest - hints and SLurls are in the official blog, and the group is superhelpful if you get stuck anywhere, so don't be shy about joining it or asking for help. We had no problem getting through this portion of the stores at all, and even the tougher ones weren't that bad once we figured out the hints.

This is definitely one you men should not miss, and you're in luck because it is running 2 weeks longer than usual, so you have extra time to make it around all the stores.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

November 11 - December 25


Previous Post:

Search for item: Sculpted blue T-Shirt
Number of stores:
150 (1-50 here)

Problems at the time we went through:

47. American Bazaar (jeans not included)
2. Alpha Male (fatpack of colors included in the cotton brief style)

14. SOPHISTISHAPES (jeans not included)
22. NOON

11. Mohna Lisa
50. AITUI (jeans not included)
12. SB Menswear (jeans not included)
43. The White Angel
13. Legal Insanity

41. KamreK Creations
19. Red Dog Gear (jeans not included)
40. Connors
21. Okey Designs
37. Graffitiwear

26. Gizza (jeans not included)
38. RGDW (jeans not included)
36. Wilson's Designs
32. PeKaS Designs
34. Rispetto Designs (jeans not included)

30. JfL Men's Wear (jeans not included)
3. subVersion

46. Ultimate Shapes (shape and tank)
31. Tamiron Forge (shape and piercing)
10. Egoisme (skin and eyes)

15. Adjunct (shapes and pants)
1. KMADD (shape/eyes/hair)
20. LOGO (skin)

25. VyC (skin)
33. LaVie (skin)

16. EMO-tions
5. Jaryth's Barber Shop
18. v3 Tattoo
29. The Golden Thorn
4. Animations Rising

39. Genesis Inc.
9. RFyre
44. Twisted Ink
28. Duh!
8. FIR & MNA

48. Dandy
35. Dino's Bootique
27. VICE!
24. Pics n Poses
49. Shameless Bits

23. Poise


  1. I LOVE THIS BLOG!! I so appreciate all your work! I added you to my blog roll- come check me out! http://echoesinfashion.blogspot.com

    Ty!~ <3<3<3

  2. It was great for me to see, that its unnecessary for me to teleport to 90% of the 150 shops. Menstuff Hunt seems to be a good battlefield for noobs wanting to get yet another funny tshirt and yet another destroyed jeans and yet another pair of chucks in their inventory.

    But your focus in SL changes the longer you are a resident. im now here for nearly five years and do spend a lot of money in uncommon high quality products.

    I dont understand why designers pack very common stuff in the boxes and dont take the chance to offer highend things for getting hunters paying new customers or making old ones enthusiastic again.

    Ive seen a lot of phantastic mesh clothes now, this is the death of half of the shops here providing layer clothes in a common way.

    I wanna say what my favs are:
    - the biker suit from Mohna Lisa (11) is a perfect layer outfit and the boots do fit perfectly to the kombi
    - the belt from Refyre (9) is an uncommon style and therefore very nice
    - the cuffy thing from Dom & Kink (129) i havent seen so far on the grid, thumbs up
    - tha tanktop from Lets get dirty (73) as they always have a focus on top quality textures
    - the very uncommon skin from Tableau Vivant 63) and the hurt one from LaVie too.

    An absolute disaster for me are the shoe prizes in this hunt.

  3. Anonny - I let your post stay because we try not to censor comments by readers. In fact, there are only 2 specific things which will cause me to delete a comment, and yours contains neither of them. =)

    That being said, your post was rude. Whether you like the items or not, this is a hunt and the stores are offering the items freely. If you dislike something, throw it out or if you dislike certain stores, skip them on the hunt path. I do not like people making disparaging remarks about the quality of a FREE gift. True, not all designers are on par with one another, but they are all still taking the time to make something to give away. You may not like an item, but someone else may love it.

    If a hunt is not to your taste, don't do it. Simple. Insulting the designers will get you nothing except pissing off the ones who are working hard on their gifts.


  4. Thank goodness I am not easily swayed by others opinions, and decide for myself *after* I have tried the product/seen the movie/tasted the appetizer/felt the ambiance.
    I have to say, I'm a shoe girl, and not anywhere near a noob. I like a lot of different styles, and will even wear mens shoes if it suits my style mood of the day.
    Having shoes included in many of these FREE GIFTS was a definite bonus for me! I am thrilled with this hunt, and for those who aren't, just don't take a FREE item if you don't like it, and don't spout your rude rantings on the rest of us who appreciate them.