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***UPDATE August, 2018- We are still finding freebie/nearly free items to share with you, but due to RL time constraints, a lot of what we find is being posted solely on Flickr. If you would like to follow the events being posted there, here is a link to the album page for our account: Flickr Albums. These are not blog posts, but simply pictures of the gifts available. Thank you!

Thank You to all of the creators!

Tuesday, November 15

Neverwas Is Event @ The Wash

Neverwas Is Event
Hallo, fantasy/magic/sparkly lovers! This is technically not a hunt - but it is an event I have been part of outside the usual blogging, and I thought I would share it with those of you who have an affection for the mystical, magical side of Second Life. The Neverwas Is Event runs from November 9 to November 23 at The Wash (home of HellBop and the Fab Free headquarters) and is being sponsored by Sentou Yousei (Battle Angel). I've been blogging this for The Wash's official site, but wanted to share it with you guys while you still have time to head over and check it out.

This is a sale, with each participating designer set up with a variety of items - some new for the event, some sale priced items they normally sell, and everyone with at least 1 free item. Believe me when I say these prices are incredible! The designers have really come up with a stellar collection of items related to the Magic theme, and if you haven't yet been down to The Wash to check it out, you definitely should.



Lushish Catz

Lushish Catz
A. Xavia - 125L (normally 150L)
B. Sanchez - 125L (normally 150L)
C. Syliva - 125L (normally 150L)
D. Jungle Diva -189L
E. Neiva - 10L
F. Andre - 149L
G. Leopard Shirt - Free

Dark Water Designs

Dark Water Designs

Dark Water Designs
A. Fae Bouquet outfits in Daisy, Green Leaf,
Rose and Hydrangea - 200L each (fatpack of all 4 600L)
B. Metallic Snakeskin Booties in red/gold, purple/gold,
gold/black and silver/black - 125L each (fatpack of all 4 400L)
C. Rainbow Wings - 50L
D. Ombre Wings - 50L
E. Pastel Roses headpiece - 100L
F. Pastel Spotted Wings - Free


A. Deity: Leviathan (skin/shape) - 100L each (regular price 700L)
B. Deity: Storm (skin/shape/ears) - 100L each (regular price 700L)
C. Daemon Boots -150L
D. Neko Fusion Boots - 150L
E. Freebie Box of Randomness (contains more bits than shown here!) - Free

Pink Label
A. Tattered Moon Flower Gown - 49L
B. Tattered Midnight Sandals - Free

A. Sphere Circlet - 195L
B. Rose Circlet - 195L
C. Simple Abalone Circlet - Free

The Little Bat

The Little Bat

The Little   Bat
A. Black Nailpolish - 10L
B. Underworld Demon Wings - 30L (regular price 75L)
C. Blood Vial Necklace - 50L
D. Demonica Eyes, White -20L
E. Demonica Eyes, red - 20L
F. Fae Skins in Daemon (red), Nymph (green), Drow (grey)
or Sprite (blue) - 50L each
G. Vamp Skin: Messy Eater - 99L
H. Vamp Skin: Ruby - 99L
I. Daemon Horns (2 sizes, tintable) - 50L


A. Three Fairy Dust Bottles - 90L (normally 100L)
B. Light Fairy Statue Fountain - 180L (normally 200L)
C. Dragon Statue Set - 450L (normally 500L)
E. Fairy Magic Bouquet - Free

Gem Elegance

Gem Elegance

Gem Elegance
A. Elements sets in Fire (orange), Earth (green), Water (ice),
Air (blue) - 150L each (regular price 199L)
B. Fantasy Purple Ice & Tears - 150L (regular price 199L)
C. Fantasy Ice & Tears - Free
D. Fantasy Falling Leaves Sets - in Purple/pink for 150L,
in Silver/Gold for 75L (regular price 199L)
E. Fantasy Hummingbird Pearl Blossom sets in gold
or silver - 150L each (regular price 199L)
F. Fantasy Sun, Moon, Stars sets - in Gold for 150L,
in Silver for 25L (regular price 199L)
G. Black Leather Mystic Belt (unisex) - 50L
H. Brown Leather Mystic Belt (unisex) - Free




A. Demonic Unicorn Avatar, Male or Female - 200L (regular price 800L)
B. Emerald Forest Fae Avatar - 150L (regular price 750L)
C. Unicorn Avatar, Male or Female - 200L (regular price 800L)
D. Green Leafs Elf, Male or Female, skin/ears included - 100L (regular price 500L)
E. Iceflower Elf, Male or Female, skin/ears included - 100L (regular price 500L)
F. Sugarplum Elf, Male or Female, skin/ears included - 100L (regular price 500L)
G. Mermaid Shell - 150L (regular price 300L)
H. Mermaid Tank - 250L (regular price 500L)
I. Moon and Star Choker - Free

Sentou Yousei
A. Piper Booties in black, blue or purple - 150L each (normally 300L)
B. Kahlan Booties in red or green - 150L each (normally 300L)
C. Timmy Topper - Free

Ear Candy

Ear Candy
A. Neverwas Is Set - 100L
B. Rose Infused Ring - 60L
C. Pink Fairy Wings velvet sandals - 60L
D. Neverwas suede boho sandals - 60L
E. My Unicorn Necklace - Free

Wee Ones
(skin/hair/wings not included with the pixie shapes)
A. Deline - 250L (regular price 500L)
B. Phora - 250L (regular price 500L)
C. Piper - 250L (regular price 500L)
D. Sprite - 250L (regular price 500L)
E. Pixie Necklace - Free



A. Faun Outfits in black, brown or white - 175L each
B. Kitty Cat Nightie in purple or black - 100L each
C. Stardust Jammies in purple or pink - 100L each
D. Faun Rune sets - 75L each (new release, regular price 150)
E. Mermaid Princess head wreath - 125L
F. Mermaid Shell Bikini - Free


  1. thanks so much, I almost forgot about this event xD

    also, quick question, just curious if you will you be covering the Twilight Saga hunt?

  2. WOW!! you are managing nice blog i must say, it is some thing that i am searching introducing samples with ease...


  3. Like no hunts for November? :(

  4. Hi there, Anonny =)

    We had hoped to get more hunts included for November, but even the best laid plans don't always work out. We did manage to cover 7 hunts/events over the month, which averages just under 2 a week, so we didn't entirely ignore the November hunts.

    Between the holidays, RL work issues, and some RL family stuff going on during the last couple weeks of the month, having the time/energy to hunt and get things posted was not a high priority. Getting my RL back on an even keel and keeping my own sanity whole was definitely higher! =)

    Hopefully, December will be easier and we will be able to showcase some of the coming hunts and events, altho maybe not as many as we usually do in a month. Again - RL needs outweigh SL needs and will take precedence until things get back to normal for me.

    I miss the hunts, though, and I miss blogging, so I have my fingers crossed that I'll be getting back to "normal" here in the near future.


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