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Tuesday, December 6

Dead & Loving It Hunt

Dead & Loving It Hunt
We're seeing a definite trend this month towards the dark, macabre, gothic Christmas vibe, and this hunt is no exception. Gothic Desires brings us the "Dead & Loving It Hunt", and it doesn't fail to delight! We were thrilled to see some familiar stores and a handful of new-to-us stops along the way. There is an official blog with Slurls and hints, if you need them. We had a good time on this hunt - there is a lot to see in these shops, and we kept getting sidetracked and shopping on the way. The hunt went smoothly - there are some skips and dropped stores, but we were able to navigate the path with no problem. This is definitely one that you don't want to miss out on, especially in this busy month of a gazillion hunts!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


December 1 - December 31



Search for item: Black coffin
Number of stores:

Problems at the time I went through:
All information about skipped or delayed stores is available from the official blog.

30. Indigo Oddities
17. Bound & Bitten
12. Latex Station

14. Souzou Eien (jeans/pasties not included)
32. PiNkMaReS HoUsE
3. Spiked Devil
49. Death Inc.

20. Lyrieals (shapes, skins, horns, wings, tails, hooves, outfits included)
43. NaCrS (skin, shirt included)

19. Eat Paste (skin, tattoo layer)
23. Poison Apple (skins)

8. Venus Envy (skins, shapes included)
27. Hysteria
31. MaSoul Designs

36. Dark Desires Custom Tattoos
44. ThirteenTH
4. Coca & Wolf
34. Evil Bunneh
29. Le Sucreries de Fairy

39. Repulse
46. Kilter
25. Impled & Dragon's Flair
47. Swine & Roses

10. Chaos, Panic & Disorder(moonglasses and drink dispensing cooler)
18. X-Clusives Animations
37. Dead Designs
13. Draconic Kiss
35. Omega Unlimited

15. Darkonista Designs & Photography
42. Gothic Toys
2. Filthy Things

22. NightMaire Textures & More
7. Shadow Dreams
48. Wicked Needs
1. Gothic Desires
6. Howling Creations

45. The Elegant Goth
9. United InshCon
25. Impaled & Dragon's Flair

5. EZ Stores
11. s.n.design
26. Mystique (We couldn't get the red steps in the middle to rez properly when we did pictures, but SL was messing with inventory servers at the time, so we'll try it again later)

41. Something Wicked


  1. It only looks like a trend toward Goth and macabre Christmas hunts because that's what you seem most interested in posting here. How about The Renaissance Hunt, the Candy Cane Hunt, the Broken Resolution Hunt, or any of the several men-only hunts that are going on right now? There's a lot of us out here who'd be interested in seeing a less freaky side of December hunting.

  2. Considering that we blog the hunts we are most interested in, yeah, expect to see this type of hunt. As for the ones you mentioned, we don't do pay hunts for this blog, we don't do hunts that include kid stores because we have no interest in that, and it is only the 7th. There are a TON of hunts going on all month, and we have several in the works. Because of the sheer volume of hunts and events this month, we are being very selective in what we do. Keep in mind there are only so many hours in the day that we can devote to hunting and posting. We do have lives inside and outside of SL as well as other obligations. If the hunts we choose to blog do not suit your tastes, there are dozens of other hunt blogs online, and we are sure you can find something more suitable.

    Shadow and Thanos

  3. Hello Shadow and Thanos,

    First off let me say that Shadow you do great work. I was always put off by hunts and never did them untill I found your blog. Kudos to you for listening to what the comunity says. Keep up the good work. I do have a couple questions. I was wondering if you could have mislabeled stop #6? My box for United Inshcon has a wooden toilet inside of it. My second question is about the same store but on the other hunt (Deand and Loving it. My box had something else inside and completely different. Did I miss something? Thanks for taking the time to do this for us.

  4. Hi there, Meghan! Thank you for the kind words about the blog. United Inshcon gave the wooden toilet as gift #1 of the Medieval Fantasy Hunt III and they gave the winter scene as gift #9 of the Dead & Loving It Hunt.

    Far as I can tell, I have them marked right on the blog - or was it something else and I am misunderstanding your question?

    Cheers, Shadow

  5. Hello again, yes on the box from Dead & Loving it, I got a milking cow LOL. Sorry it took so long to reply, been busy IRL.
    Happy holidays,

  6. hiya Meghan - you got me curious now, so i went back into inventory and pulled EVERYTHING from D&LH - the item in their box is a winter scene with a deer, and no one had anything even close to a cow...HOWEVER..they have multiple hunts going on...they DID give a mesh Palomino horse as one of their gifts in the Medieval Fantasy hunt, and we did not show it on the blog because i have yet to find a mesh-capable viewer that works properly for my computer in SL (mesh capability does me no good if i crash every 5 minutes).

    Is it possible you picked up that hunt gift by mistake? D&LIH's hunt item was the little coffin, MFH was a wooden treasure chest type box. Other than that, I have no idea what you may have found (or accidentally bought? since they do have lots of animals on the sim)...

    Cheers, and happy holidays to you too!
    Shadow & Thanos