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Wednesday, December 21

A Very Scary Christmas

A Very Scary Christmas Hunt
Asylum Hunts brings us A Very Scary Christmas Hunt, running for the month of December. They have pulled together 75 stores worth of goodies for you, ranging from some cutely macabre items to some downright creepy Christmas cheer. We did the hunt with very few problems, and had no trouble navigating the hunt path with the assistance of the official blog. Their blog page does include SLurls and hints for the stores.

There are a few gifts we are not showing: some gestures, a mesh dress, and a couple that had texture issues, but by all means - DO THIS HUNT! There are some really fantastic finds to be had, and the stores and sims were a lot of fun to explore, especially the ones all dolled up for the holidays. Its not a hunt to do in one evening, but grab a couple friends and hit the path if you get the chance.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

December 1 - 31



Search for item: Red snowflake
Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
You should be able to navigate the hunt using the blog Slurls.

45. Simply
37. PeKaS Design
58. Neko Sovereign

43. SWAK Designs
22. Holly's Fashions
46. Coca & Wolf

32. Cherry Bomb
39. Kotori (M-jeans not included)
13. DivaLicious
47. ShirtShop (jeans not included)

74. Lyrieals (includes female outfit, but we couldnt photograph it)
26. villena (jeans not included, unisex sizing)
30. American Bazaar
56. LC Designs
51. Troubled Rebel (jeans not included)

67. Sexy Sisters
52. NaCrS (skin and shirt)
62. Modish (skin and tattoo)

64. Souzou Eien
16. WickedSexy Designs
24. Sweet Sin
54. ThirteenTH
50. Demonkitties

5. SR Leatherwerkx
33. Children of Ares
40. Swine & Roses
44. Bedlam

35. Bad Juju
42. Lil' Bitz
49. T R I D E N T
36. WafflerZ
19. Tw@ttyCake

60. A & S Visions
27. Les Sucreries de Fairy (wearable floating doll)
75. emPathy (follows you around)
72. Kamiri
8. FlufferNutterz
6. Pipper's Place

63. Framed Soul
15. Shadow Dreams
65. Purple Poses
55. Kuroi KK Koneko (the white branches are snowflakes, but the glow on them made it impossible to photograph clearly)

7. Darkfold Designs
69. Cloud III
10. Shadow Moon
73. Bound & Bitten

71. Atooley
64. Souzou Ein

57. WetCat
12. Tree House Treasures
61. The Elegant Goth
3. DemotiK

34. United InshCon
17. Wicked Needs
28. Raven's Heart
59. Kilter
21. Earthly Delights

29. Amulet
31. Flood (sculpt maps)
66. Kittycat's Creations
68. Incendia
1. Vicarious Vitae

4. Howling Creations
23. Gothic Desires
20. Ro!act Designs
53. Dark Vision

2. Malfean Visions
9. Zoe's Garden
41. H-Art Design

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  1. Looks like all the textures didn't rez on #42. Someone might want to contact the creator.