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Sunday, December 18

Gothmas By Gaslight II, pt. 2

Gothmas by Gaslight II
Whew - Santa's little elves have been working overtime and a half on the Gothmas by Gaslight Hunt! The designers have outdone themselves this year with a plethora of gorgeous gifts, from holiday clothing to home decor to build items, the quality and attention to detail shines in every gift. We have the second half of the hunt to show you here, plus the remainder of the shops who weren't quite ready on time or who had lovely mesh items for which I needed a bit of extra time to get pictures.

Again, for those who are new to the Gothmas by Gaslight hunt, there are no hints but there is an official blog with every store and SLurl, as well as a hunter's page with information such as what you are looking for, that it should be located within a certain amount of space from the landing point, etc - everything you need to know to have a great hunt is there for you. Its not the easiest hunt without hints, but all the bells are there and working and all the LMs (as of this posting) are correct. It's definitely worth the effort to hunt a bit, and you will not be disappointed when you see these gifts. The pictures in the blog really do not do justice to many of them.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos


December 15 - January 15


Previous Post:

Search for item: Gold bell


Number of stores:

106 (54-106 plus a few loose ends here)

Problems at the time I went through:
All stores are up and running as of this posting.

97. MysticHope Design
102. Rag Dollz
69. Indigo Oddities

66. Lushish Catz
86. Wild Serenity
101. Souzou Eien (pasties/jeans not included)

104. Galerie Octaviana
77. Condemned Designs
71. Montagne Noire

8. +DV8+
63. DivaLicious
59. LL Creations/Cudola (skin)

100. LooLoo's
34. Asteria Creations
58. PixelDolls (mesh gown in 2 colors, photo courtesy of Dolce Blackflag)

31. Red Hot Ginger

24. Podlings! (full mesh av, photo courtesy of Mixvio Resident)
79. Gothic Toys (full av)
85. Demonkitties
62. Tonya's Restraint Works (RLV-enabled mask)

88. Bewildebeest (comes in several other colors/vials as well)
84. Dragon's Flair
83. CoLLisions
73. Pipper's Place
92. Jolbey & Jasper

90. Inspired Designs
70. Moxie
95. Chaos, Panic & Disorder
75. Rasetukoku

106. Pop Tart & Urban Assault
54. vMotional Animations
60. DemotiK
94. Poison Apple

74. Dark 7
99. Nadeau Shoppe
96. Grimalkin Workshop (wearable)
76. WraithVenom (playable music box)

84. Impaled (santa sacks can give out gifts)
64. FLOOD (sculpts to make gazebo on box)
65. Les Sucreries de Fairy
70. Moxie

98. Evolving Pixels
80. Hearth & Home
78. By Nacht

103. Sour Pickles
89. Girl Not Included (sculpt maps)
56. Painfully Divine
55. Cosmic Steam Designs

81. Lemons & Cream
105. Damned Good Design
68. Roawenwood

57. The Elegant Goth
93. Grey's Castles

67. DramaZone
87. Something Wicked

72. Dragon Magick Wares

61. Howling Creations (FYI, over 350 prims in this build, make sure you have lots of space to rez!)

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