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Monday, March 19

Coming in May...World Goth Day Events!

WGD Fair
Hallo Hunters!

We haven't forgotten about you guys - just been having a few technical glitches with getting the next finished hunt posted. In the meantime, while we work at fixing the problem, we have a little sneak peek at an upcoming May event for you.

As you know, we have a taste for the darker side of SL here at SL Freebie Hunters. May 22nd is World Goth Day, a day for the goth scene to strut its stuff and celebrate its presence. This year, World Goth Day has come to SL and, because SL folks never do things by halves, it has been extended for the entire month of May!

First up to share with you is the coming World Goth Day Nightstalker Hunt, hosted by Axi Kurmin and Dare Monro, the folks who bring you the Gothmas by Gaslight hunt. This hunt will run for the whole month and is currently accepting applications from gothshops. This is key - if you want to apply, your store MUST be goth-themed. Applications are being accepted until April 15th.

Click here if you are interested in applying for the WGD Nightstalker Hunt. (Link contains information about the hunt, rules, and application form.)

Secondly, they will also be hosting the World Goth Day Fair, which will run from May 15 to 31st. Aside from the great shopping, the Fair will be earning money for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, which was founded following the horrific murder of this young girl for being a goth. Each shop taking part will have at least one item available with 100% of the sales going to the charity. The shops do not have to be gothshops, but the items available at the fair do need to be goth-themed. Additionally, Club Gothika will be making a donation towards the charity.

Click here if you are interested in taking part in the World Goth Day Fair. (Link contains information about the Fair, the charity, how the funds will be handled, and application information.)

SL Freebie Hunters will be doing our part as well - we will be blogging the Nightstalker Hunt in May and Shadow has taken a booth at the Fair to represent her store. We will be blogging the Fair, with an emphasis on the charity sale items, as well. This is not a hunt, nor is it a freebie/cheapie like other events we have shared with you in the past. It is, however, a really good cause to take part in. Prejudice and intolerance are things we feel strongly about, and we hope that you guys will help make these events a true SL success by turning out for the hunt and turning out at the Fair.

Shadowed and Thanos

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