Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in the many SL hunts and events occurring every month. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

Thank You to all of the creators!

Sunday, March 4

Twisted Hunt - Arcane (1-60)

Twisted 7
Its that time of year, folks: TWISTED HAS RETURNED! The theme this time is Arcane and the color is bleen (also known as teal). We have an AWESOME collection of 170 stores taking part in the hunt this time around, and let me tell you - the evilness is running amok. We got through the entire hunt and the End Game (which is fantastic this year - several levels of maze and puzzle to figure out, including extra gifts scattered about the various locations).

As always, there are a few ground rules for Twisted:
1. There is an official blog with all the store SLurls. You do not need to do the hunt in order and you can skip any place you get stuck.
2. There are no official hints. You can get hints by joining the Twisted group and hanging out in chat - there are helpers there who have hunter-created hints to share, but there is no notecard or blog page with them written out. They change frequently, as the store owners move the prizes around.
3. The cube will be within 30m of where you land - there are some stores who have not followed this rule, and their prize locations are being given out in the group chat until they move the item to within the hunt limits.
4. The cube is teal and will be the same size in every store - if you see a color other than teal or an odd size, its a decoy.
5. There is a limit of 10 visible decoys allowed, plus the prize cube(s). There is no limit to the number of hidden, invisible or otherwise not apparent to the naked eye/cam cubes and renamed prims. It does not pay to wireframe, area search, etc for the item.
6. Every store has a main prize and many offer additional prizes. Some stores we visited had as many as 10 prizes. There are also all kinds of extras for the hunters - extra gifts, store specials, gacha machines, etc. along the way, which are completely optional. You can hunt just the main gifts no problem.
7. When you reach the end of the hunt, you will get the LM to the End Game. Good luck - there are gifts scattered throughout as you work your way to the Survivor's Wall at the very end.

We did the hunt in 51 hours, starting at 12 midnight, March 1st. Out of 170 stores, there were only 5 we found not ready for the hunt on time. There ARE things we missed - we were looking mostly for the main gifts, not all the additional stuff, although we did pick up whatever additional bits we ran into. The hunt gift pictures are what we found - main and extra gifts together. You may not find everything we did, by the time this was posted, I heard about at least 1 store that had changed their main gift already. You will probably also find stuff we missed. =)

Take a deep breath, exhale...and prepare to have your brain melted!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

March 1 - March 31



Search for item: Lament Box
Number of stores:
170 (1-60 here)

Problems at the time I went through:
5 stores not ready, a few stores past 30m limit - coordinators are aware of them.

18. WafflerZ (jeans not included)
1. +DV8+
19. +eX+ ezura

39. Ali Couture
54. ImmateriA
3. Avatar Bizarre

20. The Delectable Doll
30. Dark Water Designs
44. LooLoo's

7. Blue Blood
46. TheVampRealm
41. Gilded

8. Kastle Rock Couture
50. Indigo Oddities
10. Sassy!

40. Reality Couture (There are several more gifts at this location than what we found when we went through)

32. Kennedy's (top not included)
35. Eclectic Firefly
4. Dare Designs
45. A and S Visions (shirt not included)

27. Fatal Error
19. +eX+ ezura
32. Kennedy's

11. Heartsick (skins come in multiple variations of the shades shown, tarot cards include more than shown)

28. The Little Bat
24. Bad Juju

53. Deviant Designs
21. Secrets of Gaia
15. [Moxie]

13. Sn@tch
58. The Attic

14. Dilly Dolls
50. Indigo Oddities
26. Troubled Rebel
59. Whims & Wishes

34. Impaled & Dragon's Flair
51. Gothic Desires
22. Death Row Designs
23. Sour Pickles

55. Del May
56. Weather!or not?

25. XClusives Animations
33. Hearth & Home
51. Gothic Desires
2. Yellow Jester

12. Kabuki Creations
37. The Fooding
31. Dark 7
16. Kinky-O! Bondage & Fetish

60. Forever.Yours
21. Secrets of Gaia
38. Souzou Eien
5. Roawenwood

49. Dreamscapes Art Gallery
34. Impaled & Dragon's Flair
29. Zwicked Textures

17. Snow Bound
52. Oddment
42. Lemons & Cream
51. Gothic Desires

43. Howling Creations
47. Curvasive Design

6. Michigans Shack

9. :{MV}:

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