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Wednesday, March 7

Twisted Hunt - Arcane (121-170)

Twisted 7
Part 3 of the Spring 2012 Twisted Hunt is up for you to see, and I have to tell ya, I am going cross-eyed from all the bleen!! This set of photos covers stores 121 to 170. Keep in mind, the designers are devious - there are all kinds of extras, gachas, mini hunts, etc which we are NOT showing on the blog simply because I am not sure our sanity could stand it. Also, some of the stores are giving multiple gifts for the hunt - due to space/time constraints, we are not showing everything, so expect to find a few surprises along the way. Keep in mind too that some designers are swapping out gifts periodically - so what we found when we went through may not be what you find when you do the hunt!

We will have one more post for this hunt, showcasing the End Game gifts.

As always - the official blog has a list of participating stores and SLurls. There is no hint page: ALL hints come from other hunters and Official Helpers in the Twisted group. Gifts move often, so be sure to join the group to get the latest help with the hunt. Remember to be kind to the helpers too - these folks are oh-so generously donating their time to helping others and it isn't easy keeping track of changing hints and the constant flow of chat in the group. They are doing a fantastic job and deserve a little patience and thank you's from the hunters!

It would be really nice for folks to send a note of appreciation to the hunt coordinators and/or your favorite stores too - these people have put in a HUGE amount of time, effort, and skill into creating what is arguably one of the best, hardest hunts in SL. They do it twice a year simply for the love of the hunt, the love of the challenge, and the love of all things Twisted. This is the 7th Twisted hunt I have completed, and it just keeps getting better every time.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

March 1 - March 31


Previous Posts:

Search for item: Lament Box
Number of stores:
170 (61-120 here)

Problems at the time I went through: There are a couple stores still not in compliance with the rules, the in-world group has all the info for navigating around them.

159. S & D Designs
157. Jess's Dream
147. AC Designs

124. kisetu
153. Cummere Mayo Designs
140. xXx Treme Fashion

126. Campalicious
134. Shadow Moon
167. Contraption

154. Jenna's Whimsey
135. Option

150. Kinzart Kreetures

137. Style by Kira (skins)
149. [bubble]
152. AZE Jewelry Designs

142. Under The Couch
156. Exquisite Jewellery
144. The Jewellery Exchange
130. Bliensen + MaiTai

78. Enchant3D Emporium
153. Cummere Mayo Designs
133. Morte's Seduction
132. Filthy Things
158. Southern Charm

166. Shabby Chic
78. Enchant3D Emporium
120. Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories
98. Eternal Dream
129. Bondage Witch Project

127. KaiAna
162. PRIME
131. Wings of Enchantment
143. The Party Shop
146. RnB Designs
165. Marmalade Jam

170. Muircastle Shipyards & Motors
155. The Strawberry Box
164. A&M Fantasy
151. Flowers Candles Romance

125. Sacred Roses
122. TRIDENT Farm & Garden
148. De Baza
136. Dreams in Digital Art Gallery

163. P&D Designs
168. Brick-A-Brac
169. Tree House Treasures
142. Under The Couch
121. V&M Gallery Design

138. FD Decor
123. Dolome Designs (multiple gifts available here)
128. Xtreme Designs

141. DramaZone

145. GEL Bondage

160. Dragon Magick Wares

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  1. is there a link to the end of this hunt 161-194?