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Tuesday, March 6

Twisted Hunt - Arcane (61-120)

Twisted 7
Part 2 of our Twisted gifts - and I hate to break it to you hunters, but there are TONS of mini hunts, extra gifts, etc which we are not showing here and that you will have to find for yourselves as you work through the hunt path! I've heard that there have already been several rage-quits by people who think its too hard, and there was even someone offering to sell hunt locations (which resulted in mass banning of that person from hunt stores and a BUNCH of designers to move their objects)!

Here's the thing with Twisted - you will love or hate it, no middle ground. Most times, you will hate certain stores as you go along, you will cry, tear out your hair, wonder why in the hell you are hunting anyhow...and then the magic moment...you find the damned box and the pure sense of triumph makes you forget how much you hated it, and you run to the next store to do it all over again. Yes, you are getting great gifts. Yes, its hard as hell, especially if you are a new hunter. And, yes, being a machochist helps. Honestly though - if you stick it through the 170 stores and you reach the End Game (and survive the brain-crampingly challenging multiple level, hidden teleport-filled maze created by Dare Monro from Dare Designs) and make it to the Survivor's Wall - you will be hooked.

If you are looking for a quickie hunt where the hunt items are hand-fed to you, this is definitely not the hunt for you.

Remember, hunters - the baby boxes for next time's hunt are always hungry and love being fed the bodies of hunters who have fallen on the field and a certain proprietress of Malfean Visions is always looking for hunt tears to add to her collection, so be sure to carry a jar and a body bag or two on the hunt path with you!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!


March 1 - March 31


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Search for item: Lament Box

Number of stores:
170 (61-120 here)

Problems at the time I went through: There are a couple stores still not in compliance with the rules, the in-world group has all the info for navigating around them.

91. Sacred Fantasy
90. Southpaw (bikini and thong not included)
115. CERO Style

95. KingPin Fashion
83. Wild Serenity

102. Simply
117. Snowpaws
77. 1 Hundred (jeans not included)
80. Brat!

109. Gem Designs
75. Nectar!
116. Delaney's Delirium
67. Steambound
65. RokumeikaN

62. Dressed by Lexi
92. Mohna Lisa Couture (complete av)
114. Venomous Rage Designs (hair not included)
103. Pop Tart & Urban Assault

68. Shape It Up! (shapes)
61. Dulce Secrets (skins, eyes)

105. Burren-Built Designs (skins)
69. Goth1c0
82. Hysteria

89. Spike Devils
104. J::Stylez
110. Dragonfyre Designs
76. Virtual/Insanity

112. Inspired Designs
107. Lantian
70. Top Katz (items shown include main gifts and extras, since I found all the extras before I found the main cube)

79. Demotik
88. CoLLisions
73. DaBuVa
118. jeaniesing's Things

100. Likka*House
66. Painfully Divine
84. DivaLicious
63. Tonya's Restraint Works

101. Dekute Dekore
99. WetCat Builds & Poses
97. Archaic by Grey Mars (items shown include the 2 bonus gifts)
119. XOPH

81. Zoe's Garden
106. .mAc'S
93. Finishing Touches
85. The Oubliette (**WARNING: 303 prims in this build - be careful when you rez!**)

72. Aster's Builts
111. SR Leatherwerkx

96. CSX Incorporated Industries
108. Entity
71. Adoration Home and Garden

94. A Netherworld (includes poses/props for the signs of the zodiac)

74. +Cyrious+

86. Urban Forge Virtuatecture

87. Reality Designs

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