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Friday, June 29

Pimpin' IS Easy...

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter P, for Pimptastic! It ain’t easy looking this pretty, so Thanos decided to put Shadow to work to support his shopping habit. You can almost smell the hepatitis festering as the two of them discuss their business plan for the evening. Hope they don’t step in anything, a pimp needs his shoes to have a shine on them to keep the respect of his hoes at a suitable level. When the bling is poppin’, the panties are droppin’.

Keep your pimp hand strong.



Style Card Info
Shape: Thanos’ own, unavailable

: Emo-tions “Restless”

: Birth “Fang - dark ziggy”

: Ikon “Horizon Eyes, v. 2 Deep Grenada”

: White Widow “Hydra”

Nose Piercing
: Sinfull “Constantine”

Mouth Piercing
: Thanatopsis “Tripoli”
(store currently under reconstruction)

Left Ear
: Chop Zhuey “Templar Cross earring”
Necklace: Chop Zhuey “Honour Necklace”
Rings: Chop Zhuey “Fist Full of Diamonds”

: Lapointe & Bastchild “Chained King leather pants”
Shoes: Lapointe & Bastchild “Croc ankle boot”

: “W” is for Warrior “Transparent Singlet blood”

: Utopia “David Black Croc”

Shape: Shadow's own, unavailable

Hair: Emo-tions "Arogun"

Skin: Belleza "Melissa"

Makeup: :HS: "Mink Lips", Glamorize "Smoke Chic eyes"

Jacket: -SG- Tokyo (marketplace purchase, 10L!!)

Skirt: insanya "Kitana" skirt in stars/black

Shoes: DV8 "Lust for Latex"

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  1. i just adore those DV8 shoes, they are my faves:) and i have to say this R.I.P DV8 for me and many others they are sadly missed....