Hi there and welcome to Freebie Hunters! One of our favorite pastimes in Second Life is scouting the grid for fantastic hunts, sales, events and gifts from all the wonderful creators. We thought we'd share the wealth and showcase some of our finds in this blog, with an emphasis on the goodies available in the many SL hunts and events occurring every month. We do our best to show ALL items from a hunt/event and in the manner the creator intended, but this is not always possible.

An important reminder - All deals posted are subject to the whims of the item creators, and are often offered for a limited time (from hours to months). We do not guarantee the items are still available, and the creators are under no obligation to give anything.

Thank You to all of the creators!

Sunday, July 22

Punk Your World Hunt

Punk Your World Hunt
Punk Your World Hunt, presented by Red Angel Hunts, kicked off on July 16th and is definitely not a hunt to miss if you like to walk on the wild side! They have 40+ designers involved, with all sorts of goodies for you from complete outfits to accessories to a great little wearable walker that play Iggy Pop! We had a great time on this hunt and we think you will too.

The gifts are 1L each. There is an official blog with a list of store names, SLurls and hints, too, if you need the extra help. A couple stores have the items renamed, so check your folders as you complete each store so you don't lose them in inventory. We were able to do the entire hunt with no problems whatsoever. There are no skips and no spots where you need a work around to continue the hunt path. The hunt runs until mid-August, so you have plenty of time to get your punk on!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

July 16 - August 15



Search for item: Grey Stick Man prim
Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
Smooth sailing.

13. PePU
20. Sugar & Cyanide (male jeans not included)
14. Rotten Defiance

33. Dark Water Designs
30. Tootsies (jeans not included)
25. SWAK Designs
23. Rockoil

5. Lushish Catz
2. Wyldflower (jeans not included)
17. J.A.C.S. (male jeans not included)
9. Bitch Tail

41. Bound & Bitten (jeans not included)
36. Vero Modero
11. Karamelis Designs
4. jazzitude

35. blah.BLAH.blah (several colors included)
43. T&C Creations
32. Red Dahlia's Boutique
11. Karamelis Designs
34. bacidalucia

19. Sucreries de Fairy
31. Black Cat Bones
6. Seddy's Creations (top not included)
39. FallenDreams Inc.
38. RAWR!

7. Panda Punx (skin)
16. Estel (skin)
1. Redangels
18. BedlaM

15. Dressed by Lexi
6. Seddy's Creations
10. Epicosity
22. Kat Scratch Fever

27. Top Katz
37. PK Private Collection
42. Katitudes and Boneisms (plays Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life")
7. Panda Punx

8. Tempted Tattoos
21. Seductive Designs
40. GUHL
12. Kabuki Creations
28. Shadow Moon

29. Shabby Shack
3. Jerica Blaisdale Photography (textures)
24. Ro!ACT Designs(textures)

13. PePU

Wednesday, July 18

Happy Home Hunt

Happy Home Hunt
We haven't done a home furnishing/decor hunt in a while, so we were excited to hear about the Happy Home Hunt going on from now until August 15th. There are 45 stores taking part and we were thrilled to see some new-to-us locations to explore in the line up. You do need a HUD to do this hunt - the hidden gifts will not give a folder unless you are wearing the HUD. HUDs can be obtained at the first location on the hunt, NightMaire Textures & More, for 1L. All the hidden gifts are free. There is an in-world group and there is a listing of stores, SLurls and hints in their online blog.

We had a lot of fun on this one - at 45 stores (and NO breaks in the hunt path!), we were able to get through it in an evening or two, which makes for a nice way to kill a few hours, see some great places and get some pretty cool looking loot. Grab your best hunt buddy and head on out on the Happy Home Hunt path. These designers and coordinators did a great job in pulling together a truly enjoyable hunt.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

July 15 - August 15



Search for item: Strawberry Pie
Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
There is one skip on the hunt path, plus 2 bonus stores whose SLurls are on the blog page, not in the last folder.

15. PePU
12. Shadow Dreams
21. BagLady Design

43. Step inSide
10. Casa Bella
41. Gingers Outdoor

31. COZI
3. JJ Lanes
1. NightMaire Textures & More

16. Wings of Enchantment
40. Prism Furniture

28. Pillows & Things
25. Senzafine
38. Hearth & Home

34. T R I D E N T
23. ALBO Products
39. Sheds n Shacks
14. Happy Homes
35. IN habitation

13. Imagine Flowers and Garden
8. Grumble
11. SFW Industries
6. Mountain Jim's Trees & More

26. PDN's Potpourri
9. M&M Deco
32. Closer to the Heart Creations
27. Sere's Bunnnies & Pufflings

17. Black Tulip
20. Finishing Touches
36. ChiC Buildings
4. Kucinta
33. RoseHaven Designs

44. Eric's Art Gallery
7. Stitches Creations
15. PePU
45. Shabby Shack

2. Dench Designs
37. Botanica
30. Aphrodite Shop

22. Troofy
5. Tahby Photography
29. Evolutions Underground V2 (sculpt maps)

19. GB Homes
15. PePU

24. Luna Bliss Home & Garden

Sunday, July 15

SLFH Birthday Bash Hunt

Hallo Hunters! As most of you know, the blog turns 2 years old this month and we're throwing a Birthday Bash hunt to celebrate! The hunt kicked off July 15th and is running until the end of the month. we have a great collection of designers taking part in our celebration and they have come up with some pretty great gifts for you to find. There is an in-world group if you need extra help, as well as a page here on the blog with Slurls and hints.

Its been an amazing 2 years, mostly due to you guys and we wanted to take the chance to say thank you to everyone who has made the blog a part of their SL experience!

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed & Thanos

July 15 - July 31



Search for item: Cupcake

Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
#34 was not ready yet, check the hunt Slurl/hint page for updates.

5. MaddKat Design (jeans not included)
18. Flowerdreams Creations
40. Wyldflower (jeans not included)

11. Avatar Bizarre
2. Hot Stuff
22. kisetsu

1. Dark Water Designs
3. Digi-StyleZ
15. Demotik (also with petite sizes)

23. Lyrieal's Boutique
36. Shadow Moon
26. Miss Darcy

33. Rispetto Designs (jeans not included)
9. Amour Fashion
16. DivaLicious
21. JStyleZ
12. blah.BLAH.blah

20. Inspirations by Inga
19. Graffitiwear (jeans not included)
31. RAWR!
32. Reila Skins
24. marieli uriza creacciones

4. Redangels (shapes)
21. JStyleZ
6. TheVampRealm

39. Wildz Creations & Pimp Daddy Trivia
30. Pics n Poses (pose)
8. RA Muebles (gives lollipop)

10. Anita Witt Photography (poses)
27. Moonlight Design
17. Emma's@ Blue Moose

28. MV
29. Odds & Ends
42. Dark Water Designs Adult
35. Shabby Shack

37. Sacred Flame Garden Center
38. The Strawberry Box
13. COZI

41. Club Sinplicity
25. Michigan's Shack
7. Ro!ACT Designs (alpha textures)

14. Curvasive Design

Saturday, July 14

SL Freebie Hunters Birthday Bash Hunt Stores, SLurls and Hints

Birthday Hunt

Its hunt time, folks! The SL Freebie Hunters blog Birthday Bash kicks off at midnight SLT tonight, and here is the lineup of stores, SLurls and hints to help you share in our birthday celebrations. The hunt starts at Dark Water Designs mainstore and winds up at Dark Water Designs Adult store (yes, the last 2 stops on the hunt are on adult sims). Additionally, there are gifts being sent out through the SL Freebie Hunter blog group in-world, if you haven't joined already. Hints were optional and we will be updating them as we receive them from the participating designers. Check back here for any changes in the hunt path or SLurls.

Participating Stores:

Shadow's Hunt Notes:

1. Skip #34 for now.
2. #11 has 2 cupcakes - 1 for the men, 1 for the women
3. Several locations have decoys out (both for-sale decoys and not-for-sale decoys), but there IS a buyable, gift-filled cupcake at every store except 34.

Wednesday, July 11

Animania, SL Style!

Well I couldn’t have been more excited about the topic for today’s post. Shadowed and I often have long debates about what the best Anime is. The two biggies, for us at least, are Naruto Shippuden and Bleach. I have watched every episode of both Naruto/Naruto Shippuden and my own opinion is that it is the best one. The fights are epic, the characters are well developed (Go Kakashi!) and there are some really good twists along the way.

Shadowed here. While Thanos’ #1 anime is, and always will be, Naruto Shippuden - my personal boat gets floated by Bleach. I am a total Bleach junkie. I love the stories, I love the characters, I love swords and their abilities. Yes, if you haven’t guessed, those “debates” grow heated at times as we each try to convince the other that “our” anime is best! Bleach is #1!! ~ducks and runs as Thanos takes back the keyboard~

For our Naruto picture, we decided that we would make characters in the theme of the show, not based on any real characters. I am a big fan of the shadowy group of rogue ninja known as the Akatsuki, so we created ninja that might fit in with them (for those in the know, the red floral pattern on our outfits are a dead giveaway, which Shadow loves to point out - why would a stealthy ninja group pick an outfit that says they are in said group?). We have been known to bop around the grid in our Akatsuki gear from time to time, chopping our way to bloody glory!!

Truth be told, I have become a big fan of Bleach as well (although it’s still in second place) and found the Hueco Mundo storyline to be especially cool, with the bonus of maybe the worlds cutest character Nel Tu Odelscwank, and several seasons worth of awesome battles, this truly was a contender for the title of top Anime. Much as we go back and forth, we love them both, and the outfits are from our top characters. Ichigo is ready to throw down in hollow form against the icy cool Ulquiorra, and as fans of the show know this is a top shelf battle for the fate of the world.

So we hope you enjoy our version of Anime SL style and make sure you pick up those cool outfits in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunters hunt and you too can be a member/foe of Soul Society.

Thanos Darkfury

Style Card Info:

Skin: Miasnow Skin “Muerto Miguel tear”

Eyes: Lightning Flash Shop " Mangenkyou Sasuke"

Hair: Emo-tions “Rick - black”

Jacket and Shirt: [Shroom] “Akatsuki Coat”

Hidden Leaf Headband, Shoes, Undershirt, Gloves: Are all part of the full outfit “Itachi Uchiha” outfit from Menora

Sword: Brutal Weapons HQ “I-Disperser”

Shape: Shadow's own, unavailable

Hair: Keelee Designs "Cholie - Black Violet" (color tinted by Shadow)

Eyes: Repulse "Living Dead Eyes"

Skin: Belleza "Melissa"

Makeup: Glamorize "Smoke Chic eyes"

Robe: Ninjalite "Akatsuki robe" created by Lucien Uriza - was available on marketplace a few months ago, but I could not find it when I looked for the link and the creator profile suggests he has left SL.

Outfit under the robe: *Designs "Anbu outfit" (former hunt gift) - includes clothing, bandages, face mask, shoes

Headband: Sinister Designs "Hidden Rain headband"
Martketplace, 50L

Katanas: Nekolution "Black Destruction" (scripted!!)
Marketplace, 1L

Style Card Info:

Hair: Tukinowaguma

Skin: Akeruka Halloween Galadriel Skin group gift

Mask: [Lanevo] Full Hollow Mask

Shoes: Sweetaholic for men (Part of the Kimono 16 outfit)

Ichigo Bankai outfit - Dark Water Designs “Shinigami Outfit”
Outfit will be available as part of the hunt gift in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunter Birthday Bash Hunt.

Zangetsu (Ichigo's Sword): #1 Manga World Shop

Shape: Shadow's own, unavailable

Hair: Ayashi - "Kaname", black

Eyes: EDDES - HD "Lemon Blue n Green"

Skin: The Little Bat "Molly Gloomy" (World Goth Fair item)

Outfit: Dark Water Designs "Cuatra Espada"
Outfit will be available as part of the hunt gift in the upcoming SL Freebie Hunter Birthday Bash Hunt (includes the facial tattoo).

Shoes: [:SdS:] Samurai Sandals "Waraji"
Marketplace, 65L
(The shoes come in a gorgeous tan woven straw rope texture that looks fantastic with my other asian themed outfits, but for this picture, in the interest of matching as closely to the anime costume as possible, I retextured them with a white woven texture.)

Katanas: Nekolution "Black Destruction" (scripted!!)
Marketplace, 1L

Monday, July 2

FemBoy Hunt

FemBoy Hunt 2012
When we heard about this hunt, we got really excited to see what the coordinators and participating designers would do with the femboy theme. In fact, Shadow liked the idea enough that she entered her own store in the hunt! You don't have a lot of time to do this one if it appeals to you, so here are a few things you need to know:

1. All hunt items are 2L.
2. There are no LMs inside the hunt folders, so you MUST use the blog to get the Slurls.
3. Two of the stores are on marketplace only - their hunt gift is clearly marked as the hunt item and is 2L.
4. The hunt item you are looking for is the FemBoy lettering, BUT...it can be any color, any size and some have been renamed.
5. The shops are not numbered, so you need to keep track of where you have been.

We found the hunt to be a lot of fun. When we went through, there were a handful of stores not quite ready yet, as always happens in the first day or so of a new hunt, but with the Slurls on the official blog, we had no trouble navigating through and knowing where to skip for now. The numbers on the blog pictures are completely irrelevant - I numbered the folders as we went to make it easier for me to track them in my inventory and to make sure I got the names right on the blog. The actual folders are not numbered and the hunt can be done in any order you like.

You only have 2 weeks to collect your goodies, so grab your best hunt buddy and have a great time. =)

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

~Shadowed and Thanos

July 1 - July 15



Search for item: Sculpted sign

Number of stores:

Problems at the time we went through:
There are a handful of stores not ready yet and we could not find the item hidden at Loordes of London.

9. Let's Get Dirty MensWear (pants not included)
40. Sassy! (mesh)
14. LOoLOo's
12. .::KD::. Karamelis Design(unisex)

13. GlamDammit
18. AIDORU (unisex)
25. Plowwies Jammies & Slippers (unisex)
16. Batsu (pants not included)
19. .::Kre-ations::.

31. American Bazaar
20. Anthony-art
26. Rockoil
45. Dirty Dollies
34. Relentless Wren

28. Ling Ling's Designs
5. Red Devil
7. Dark Water Designs
29. Pope's Porn Emporium
33. Razorblade Jacket (pants not included)

46. Curious Kitties (mesh, pants not included)
11. Heartsick (skins)
2. Tori-Tastic (makeup comes in multiple layer options)

15. [::IMP TAIL::] (skin)
21. Flamboyant (skin, eyes, makeup - also comes with tint layers to change skin color)

22. Reila Skins (skin, eyes)
30. $10 Shapes (shape)
35. Tableau Vivant (skin)

36. Tempestuous Skins (shape, skin, hair)
37. Asaria (shape)
42. Dango (skin, eyes)

8. PEER style (shape)
24. Redangels
39. Itsumo Happy
47. Ayashi
4. Actuate Eden

1. [HTxDZ]
50. Bound & Bitten

27. Les Sucreries de Fairy