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Monday, January 14

Femboy Hunt 2013 Sneek Peek

Twisted 7
Tonight must be the night for sneek peeks! The Femboy 2013 Hunt is kicking off on the 15th, and we were lucky enough to score some of the hunt prizes in advance. This is the second Femboy hunt, and the theme this time around is "Traps". (For those who don't know, traps can be male or female, but they pass as the opposite so well it's a surprise when you find out they aren't!)

There is a total of 56 stores taking part in the hunt this time around and all the hunt prizes are 2L each. The hunt item may be ANY color. We have not done the hunt ourselves yet, so we can't give you much more info than that. There is a group in-world and an official blog page with hints/SLurls/pictures of every gift.

Cheers, and Happy Hunting!

When:  Jan. 15-31, 2013

Start: [HTxDZ]

Search for item: 3D Femboy sign


Number of stores: 56

Problems at the time we went through: N/A - check official blog for skips, dropped stores, etc.

1. A.S.S. (shoes not included)
2. MV - mesh corset (skirt/shirt not included)
3. Red Devil
4. Rockoil

5. Let's Get Dirty
6. Pie-Tin (skin, eyes, eyeliner)
7. Asaria (shape)

8. Dango (skins)

10. Lamp*Light (texture change hat)
11. Loordes of London
12. Tori-Tastic (makeup layers)

13. HTxDZ
14. Nomiki's Creations

15. Jessis Furniture
16. Cazimi
17. Pieppos

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