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Wednesday, September 4

House of Freaks

Twisted traditionally has been one of the toughest hunts SL has to offer, period.  The merchants are fiendishly clever in finding great hiding spots and creating hints that make you work your brain to figure out, only to realize how obviously simple the clue was once you find the cube.  The store locations are filled with distractions - enticing locations, side hunts, gachas, gorgeous goodies your Sl will not be complete without. Even the other hunters make it hard to focus sometimes, given the fantastical array of avatars you will run across as people get into the spirit of the hunt and slowly become cubified.  We thought we'd bring some of the conventional wisdoms of hunting Twisted to share today.

Most importantly - do not derender during this hunt. The rules state there can only be 10 visible decoys in a store.  All others must be hidden inside prims (where no hunt prize would be) and believe me - the merchants take advantage of that.  There are hundreds of cubes hidden where they cannot be seen by normal camming. If you begin derendering, you are only buying yourself more frustration in trying to find that one elusive prize cube.

Be careful using chat while you hunt.  If you are on voice, make sure the conversation is private so you are not broadcasting to anyone other than your partner(s).  Nothing ticks off a merchant (and other hunters!) faster than someone blurting out the cube location to everyone in earshot.

Step out of the landing zone when you teleport to a new location.  This prevents incoming avs from piling up on top of one another and everyone getting stuck unable to move.  Just take a couple steps and wait for things to rez.

There are no hint pages.  Honest.  Hunting is a social event, so all hints are done in Twisted group chat. Its a great way to get to know people and make new friends while you hunt.  Plus, this is one of the funniest groups in SL - there is no telling what warped, deviant turn the conversation will take and they are all along for the ride!

There are stops along the way where you are more then welcome to leave your blood, sweat and tears as the difficulties of the hunt become too much.  These fluids will be used to nurture the next crop of baby cubes, so please don't feel ashamed if you start seeing cubes in your sleep, tearing out your hair, or finding yourself reduced to a quivering, blubbering mess at the mere whisper of "Damn, its a decoy!"

Finally, there is NOTHING like earning your Twisted Survivor tags, knowing you managed to navigate not only the merchant shops, but the final challenge of the End Game.  That feeling alone is enough to keep bringing you back for more.

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