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Tuesday, September 3

The Fun House (Twisted Carnival pt. 3)

In addition to being the first Twisted with striped cubes, Twisted Carnival has the honor of being the 10th Twisted Hunt. Not a lot of attention has been paid to this little fact, but achieving 10 hunts and maintaining not only the quality but the reputation as one of the hardest hunts you will ever love in SL is pretty amazing. Congratulations to the Twisted staff, past and present, for their unflagging dedication and hard work in bringing us such an incredible adventure time and time again.

 Twisted trivia: how many of the past hunt colors/themes can you name? (Answers at the bottom of the post.)

While you burn a few brain cells trying to remember all 10, here is a look at a few more fantastic gifts from the current Twisted Carnival Hunt.

Trivia Answer: 1. Twisted Hunt - red; 2. Twisted Nightmares - purple; 3, Twisted Strange Brew - green; 4. Twisted Spooky - orange; 5. Twisted Nevermore - red; 6. Twisted Unseelie - blurple; 
7. Twisted Arcane - teal; 8. Twisted Darkness - blue; 9. Twisted Delirium - gunmetal grey and 
10. Twisted Carnival - stripedy.

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