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Friday, May 23

WGF '14 Band Hoodies!

THEY'RE HERE!! (Ok, technically, they were here the day before yesterday, but this is the first chance I got to put them up on the blog!) Last year's officially licensed, limited edition band t-shirts were such a hit, the great folks with Cursed Events decided to do it again this year, only they upped the ante - instead of t-shirts, this year they went with gorgeous hoodies for him and her! 100% of the proceeds from the band hoodies goes to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation, so don't be shy about hitting up the gacha machines (only 40L per play!) until you get your favorites.

All the hoodies come for boy and for girls, so be sure you are playing the correct machine for your gender preference! Also, for those who love them all and want the whole fatpack of 35 hoodies, there are boxed sets for sale without having to play the gacha machines. The gachas and fatpack sets can be found on all three sims, so locating them is pretty easy.

Keep in mind - these are available until the end of the Fair, but once they are gone - they are gone!  Get them now before you miss your chance.

List of Bands: 

Ad.Ver.Sary                                The Gothsicles                          Rhombus
Antigen Shift                              Grooving in Green                    Strap-On Halo
Angels of Liberty                        iVardensphere                          Skeletal Family
Angelspit                                     The Last Cry                            Vendemmian
Assemblage 23                            The Last Dance                        Voltaire
Bella Morte                                 The March Violets                    XP8
BlakOpz                                      The Mekano Set                       You Shriek
Calling All Astronauts                New Zero God                          Covenant
Carnival Star                               Panic Lift                                  The Cruxshadows
Caustic                                        Pretentious, Moi?                      Die Sektor
The Eden House                         Everything Goes Cold               Faces of Sarah
FGFC820                                    God Module
God Module    
Event Information

Official World Goth Fair blog HERE.

List of Stores HERE.

The SLurls to each of the sims are as follows:


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