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Monday, September 1

Twisted Time Warp is here!

Its that time, my darlings...the 12th Biannual Twisted Hunt kicked off roughly 18 hours ago and you Twisted hunt enthusiasts are in for one hell of a ride this time around!

The Twisted Time Warp is a one time opportunity for the merchants in the hunt to revisit old hunt colors and themes.  That's right - 11 possible hunt colors, 11 possible themes, and tons of gifts everywhere you look. There are the usual in-store hunt gifts, there are side games and mazes with gifts, there are gachas, there are freebies, there are lucky dips and even some 7Seas fishing prizes to be had.

Here is Twisted in a nutshell, for those who may be new to it:

1. You are searching for a lament cube (think Hellraiser).  This year's cube is multicolored - no 2 sides are the same.

2. The cube will be hidden within 30m of the landing point at each of the 100+ stores taking part in the hunt.   Some stores have more than 1 gift, some have boobie prizes in their decoys. Take your time, be thorough when you hunt.

3. There may be up to 10 visible decoys (defined as a cube that is IDENTICAL to the hunt cube).  There may be innumerable cubes hidden in places you can only see by derendering, or in floors, etc.  If you cannot see it with the naked eye, it does not count as a decoy.  If it does not match colors identically with the hunt cube, it does not count as a decoy.

4. There is a group chat for hints.  There are people in the chat almost around the clock who can provide information if you get stuck.  There is also an official blog with a list and Slurls for all participating stores, so it is easy for you to skip along if you get stuck.

5. Upon completion of the stores, there is an Endgame.  Much tragedy here - its hard, its twisted, and when/if you reach the end, there are more gifts and a photo op showing you survived the hunt, as well as special group Survivor tags.

6. Along the way, there are side hunts at some stores, mazes at others, gachas all over the place, sales, you name it.  Keep in mind you only have a month to finish the hunt as you get lured into other things. 

Over the next few days, we will be posting pics of gifts and gachas and whatever else we can lay our hands on from the hunt, so be sure to check back for more Twisted goodness.


Official Blog:  Twisted Hunt
Hunt Dates: September 1 through September 30, 2014
Start Point:  Twisted Headquarters (be sure to visit, there are gifts and stuff for hunters there)

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