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Thank You to all of the creators!

Wednesday, September 3

Twisted Time Warp, pt. 3

We're 3 days into Twisted and it has already been one helluva a ride - highlights so far include the first ragequit happening within the first half hour of the hunt, there have been a bunch of technical problems due to SL servers acting up (all currently fixed and working properly), and a handful of very colorful hunters running about, including the man who came through my store and I thought had tentacles until I realized he was naked. Yeah.  I don't know who he is, but props to him!

The first wave of hunters has pretty much made it through the majority of the hunt and have begun infiltrating the side games now.  Xtreme Designs, as always, is proving to be a soul-breaker.  I've been into their side maze twice now, 3 hours the first time and 2 the second, and I don't think I have managed to find out all its secrets yet.  And yes, I plan to go back again - its a challenge now, prizes be damned!

Here's another look at some of the wonderful things awaiting anyone else who takes up the Twisted challenge - believe me when I say the sense of triumph at finding those sneaky little cubes more than makes up for the agony of searching for it in the first place!


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