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Tuesday, September 9

Twisted Time Warp, pt. 9

Never Gonna Give You Up…… Never gonna let you down…at least when it comes to Twisted Hunts! However, we’ve come to that inevitable moment, Twisties, where I peer into the void (aka my inventory) and realize I’ve hit bottom on the gigantic stack of Twisted cubes waiting to be posted.

Before we get to the last batch of prize pix, let’s run down some of the key features of this latest round of the hunt:

1. Theme – Time Warp, baby. This means that for one hunt, and one hunt only, ALL 11 past themes and ALL 11 past hunt colors are fair game. The hunt cube is multicolored and you can expect anything from literal time warp themed gifts to some stores having all their past hunt gifts out in side games, or having their main gift available in all past hunt colors. (A list of store extras can be found HERE.)

2. Hunt Duration – the hunt runs the entire month of September, so just because we’re out of bloggie stuff does not mean you are out of time!

3. Loot – There are more prizes than you can shake a stick at this round – in all the posts we’ve made, we’ve only shared about half (or a smidge more than half) of what you can find out there. All the blood, sweat and tears the hunt will cost you will be more than repaid when you get to unpacking and playing with your new goodies.

4. Hunting – Forget you ever heard of derender or area search, guaranteed it will make the hunt much MUCH harder than it actually is. Rely on your brain and your eyes. There will only be 10 visible decoys (no limit on invisible decoys hidden inside other prims, in the walls, floors, ceiling, etc.) plus the actual prize cube.

5. Cheating – Just don’t. This includes yelling out locations in local chat, leading other hunters to the cube, standing on top of the cube to mark the spot, posting locations in a blog, creating a cheat sheet to pass around and so forth. People will find out and you will be banned, not only from the store you cheat in but from other stores on the hunt.  It's sad we even have to mention this, but there has been a lot of this kind of stuff going on this hunt cycle.

6. Survive – Remember you are smarter than a cube. Keep your eyes open, remember to deep breath now and then, carry extra water and a change of clothes for the known tough stores. As always, there are tear donation vials available throughout the hint – donations are always welcome. The side games are killer, but do-able with some patience and perseverance (well…so the rumor goes about Xtreme Designs, I have yet to confirm that one myself, damn the Hamster!) The same goes for End Game – don’t panic, use your head, watch the writing on the wall. Logic is your friend.

And that bring us to one more set of pictures. I hope you’ve enjoyed our little peek into the prizes over the last week or so and I wish you all the best of luck hunting!


And, the penultimate prize we all want...

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