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Wednesday, October 15

Orient Express, pt. 1

The Orient Express hunt has been going on since mid-September and I finally got a chance to give it a shot the other night. This is an interesting little hunt - there are 6 paths, each representing a different Asian country: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand. The hunt item is a 3D train, marked with the name of the country (this is important if you are following specific country paths, as some stores are on multiple paths) and each gift costs 2L. There are both male and female items, as well as some unisex stuff too. There are a total of 50 stores taking part in the hunt; however I was unable to find the hunt sign/item at Kabuki (Singapore path) or the item at Vero Modero (Thailand path). Those little trains are tricky - in a couple of stores, they didn't rez for me until I went back a second time.

This was fun hunt to do, especially at this time of year when there is a glut of halloween/horror themed hunts and you might be getting a little overloaded with witches and pumpkins. The starting point has a subscriber you can join which gives you a NC with all the hunt paths, hints and LMs or if you don't want to join the subscriber, you can also follow along with the website. The hunt folders do not have LMs to the next spot, so the NC seemed the easiest way to go for me. I have divided the photos of the hunt gifts according to the country path - they are in alphabetical order, not hunt order.

The hunt is scheduled from Sept. 15th to Oct. 31st, so you still have a couple weeks to get through all 6 country paths.  Happy Hunting!

Official Blog can be found HERE
Start Point is HERE


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