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Tuesday, October 14

The Seasons Story: 1yr. Anniversary

One of the fun things about Second Life is that there is always something new to find out about and go explore. For me, my most recent discovery is The Seasons Story. Those of you who are familiar with them are probably wondering what rock I have been living under - its a big one, folks. =)

I still don't know much about The Seasons Story except that it is a shopping event and that there are a ton of amazing stores in it (some I knew and many were new to me as well). From what I can gather, it occurs every 3 months or so and is themed each time for which ever season is current - so right now, everything is fall-flavored. This also happens to be their 1 year anniversary - and the majority of the designers taking part have put out gifts in addition to all the gorgeous lovely things for sale. This was a triple-win for me: someplace new I hadn't seen before, new to me designers, and freebies to try those new to me designers' stuff! I've got pictures of all the stuff I scored to share with you, as well as a few items I couldn't resist buying outright and the odd item gacha or two.

One word of advice: if you go, do dress down to reduce your lag. The sim is very busy - it took me several tries before I could teleport in and there were a few spots where moving was like wading through molassas. So be kind to your fellow shoppers and do your part to help keep lag to a minimum.

I was unable to find an official online blog, but SeraphimSL.com has a nice piece about the event complete with pictures of the actual sale items and pricing. You can see their post HERE.

Event Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nardias%20Cove/112/114/29


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