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Tuesday, April 11

MoH9 - the Hipsta Hunt

MOH9 Poster

The lovely folks of the Men Only Hunts have done it again - the 9th MoH is underway all this month in Second Life. The Hipsta Hunt contains about 50 stores focused exclusively on the gentlemen. Not only will you find all kinds of good looking gifts as you work through the hunt path, but it is a golden opportunity to get to know stores you might not be familiar with. This round, you are hunting for a hidden mustache - and let me tell you, that little sucker is 'stached in some sneaky places!

If you have never done a MoH before, its really easy - drop by the start location (slurl below) and pick up the Hipsta Hunt hud for free. Wear the hud while you hunt - it has the Slurls to each of the stores, information on which stores might have issues such as missing prizes, and hints for all the store locations. It is a fairly large hud, but it can easily be minimized with the little X in the upper right corner. (I will admit it took me a hot minute to figure that out, I had assumed the X would detach the hud.) Once you find the mustache at each location, you can buy them for free and will get either a folder or object added to your inventory containing your gift.

In addition to the prizes pictured below, there were 4 stores offering Catwa specific items, which I did not include. Yes, yes, bad blogger - I don't have a Catwa head for my male av yet and those particular items did not include a photo of the gift. But I was able to find each mustache on the hunt path (with the exception of the 2 skipped stored per the hud), so they are out there.

You have to the end of the month to find them all, guys - Ready, Set, Hunt!

Event Information
Official Blog Store List/Hints: Flair for Events
Dates: April 1st through 30th
Start Location: Flair for Events Office

Happy Hunting!

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