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Saturday, May 13

The Chapter Four - 4th Birthday!


Whew - get a drink, maybe a snack and settle in, my intrepid shopping fanatics, this is gonna be a long post! Lately it seems like everyone is having their birthday in SL, and The Chapter Four folks are celebrating theirs too! This is the fourth year of the event, which hosts all kinds of fabulous designers from all over SL for their shopping events. Since this is their birthday blow out, they are giving back to their faithful shoppers (and those of you willing to pay the absolutely dirt cheap price of 50L to join the group) with an incredible assortment of gifts in addition to the usual amazing items the designers have created. Just about every booth in the event has a gift box for group members, so as you shop your way through the venue, you can score all kinds of goodies.

I spent some time there over the last few days, and have oodles of pictures below of the gift items you will find. There are also a few items I was unable to photograph, so there are still a few surprises if you visit the event yourself. This is a limited time deal, however - the event ends on May 21st, so if you plan on going, do so soon. Also, hang on to the group membership if you don't have it already - its a great way to keep up to date with the goings-on as future monthly Chapter Four events are planned.

Event Information

Dates: May 4 - 21st
Event Location: Here

Happy Shopping!


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