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Wednesday, June 7

SL14B Shopping Event


This month marks Second Life's 14th Birthday and they are celebrating all month with tons of events, special hunts and all sorts of fun stuff. One of the first events I visited was the SL14B Shopping Event, scheduled to run from June 5th to June 26th. This event is hosting 60 merchants and is spread out over 3 sims. The merchants have huge discounts on their wares and many of them have put out a birthday gift freebie for the shoppers.

The sims have been crowded as heck and it took me a bit of time to manage to get into one of them. But - getting on one sim is all you need. My strategy worked perfectly: I went completely invisible for the lowest av complexity possible, I used the firestorm option to only view friends, which eliminated just about every other av on the sim where I was and the sims I cammed into from even loading, and once I had visited all the shops where I was, I tucked myself into a corner by the sim crossing and was able to cam shop both of the other sims without too much difficulty. Not quite as much fun as getting all dolled up to see and be seen, but it beat the heck out of rubberbanding around the sim and getting too bogged down to move my camera.

Here is a peek at the gifts I picked up. Additonally, there were some Catwa items which I did not get since I don't use a Catwa head, and a gorgeous 300L gift card from Addams, which I will be taking on a wee shopping spree in the near future.

Event Information
Dates: June 5th - 26th
Start Location: Gilded

Happy Shopping!


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