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Saturday, July 8

The Crystal Heart Festival

event logo
My personal taste in anime runs more along the lines of Bleach, Attack on Titan, Gantz, etc. (the more fighty, gorey side of anime) rather than Sailor Moon and similar titles, so when I heard about the Crystal Heart Festival, I had intended to give it a pass. However, I kept hearing more and more about the event, about how excited people were for it (and from one particular friend how she went broke there shopping!) so I finally caved in and made a trip over.


It was girly and pink and filled with cute things, just like I thought it would be - but it was more than just that. There were some amazing items to find in the various booths and gachas and I ended up not just checking out the gift items for a blog post, but shopping the first time I went there. That's right - the first time...I ended up going a second time because the Seul top just stuck in my head until I finally went back and bought.

This event definitely lived up to the saying not to judge a book by its cover, and I am very glad I ended up paying them a visit.

Event Information
Dates: June 30th -July 31st
Start/Location: Crystal Heart Kingdom

Happy Shopping!



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