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Saturday, September 2

The Imaginarium


Ready to tickle your imagination without breaking the bank? The Imaginarium Event hosted by the Gimme Gacha folks is open and full of all kinds of fun stuff!

This is a little different from their usual gacha events: In addition to each creator having a gacha out, they also have all sorts of stuff from their shops out as single purchases, with huge discounts. How huge? The pricing for these single purchases is the same as the pull price on the gachas! So, for example, if a creator normally sells their dresses at 200L each, but their gacha is priced at 75L - then the single purchase dresses in their booth are also only 75L for the duration of the event!

As if that wasn't incentive enough, there are also special gacha items you can win based on the number of pulls and/or the number of individual purchases you make (similar to the Seed of Inspiration items from other events) and there are also gifts scattered throughout the booths which you can pick up for free.

I've got a look at some of the free gifts and a few items I picked up either by playing the machines or as individual purchases. You can check out their official website for a look at some of the creators and their gachas taking part in this round of the event.

Event Information
Official Blog: The Imaginarium Event
Dates: Month of September
Start/Location: Gimme Gacha Sim

Happy Gatching!


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