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Sunday, September 3

The Arcade 5th Birthday Event


I don't usually blog gacha events because they don't usually offer gifts or inexpensive items. It can be very difficult to get into an event at times and gacha items are tough to blog - just because I won it doesnt mean YOU will win it, and there is nothing more frustrating than seeing that perfect something and either not being able to get it or spending an arm and a leg and ending up paying way more than it would have cost to just buy it outright. It also sometimes feels more like a "ha ha, look what I got!" bragging kind of thing to show off special wins.  However, more gacha events are adding gifts or straight shopping or other incentives to their rounds, so hopefully I will be able to start bringing more of that aspect of SL into the blog.

This month, the September round of The Arcade is a special one so I made an exception, as they are normally strictly gacha-related. It is their 5th birthday and they are celebrating with a ginormous cake in the middle of the venue which has all kinds of gifts on it from various creators participating in the event. The gifts are free and include some really cute items. Also, I have included pictures of some of the gacha items I won while I was there playing the machines - all of the items shown are either 50L or 75L a pull.

Be sure to check out the official blog for a complete list of creators and a peek at the gacha keys to see what they have to offer this round. Also, it never hurts to check MP for the items you really like - some of them are crazy priced (like the rares), but you can frequently find items at or just slightly over the pull price.

In any event - Happy 5th Birthday to the Arcade! Congratulations for consistently putting together a fantastic event over the years and best of luck with another 5 years moving forward.

Event Information
Dates: Month of September
Start/Location: Arcade

Happy Gacha-ing!


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