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Friday, October 20

Ironwood Hills Halloween Hunt


Hello all you lovely ghouls and ghoulettes! Its that time of year when SL finds itself taking on a darker, more macabre tone as the grid fills up with halloween events to spook, creep and generally give you a good scare. There are so many events crammed into a few weeks, in fact, it can be hard picking the must-do ones out of the bunch. Well, if you like a little mystery mixed in with your creep factor, you do not want to miss the Ironwood Hills Halloween Hunt going on now until November 5th.

When you arrive at the start of the hunt, you pick up a hud and a flashlight, strap them all on, take a deep breath, and catch an elevator TP to a delightfully spooked out deserted (more or less...) town. Once there, explore the town, find the clues and solve the mystery. Once you solve the mystery and reach the end of the adventure, you get a chance to visit the shopping area of the sim - 24 shops with some unique things for sale AND a congratulatory gift you can pick up for finishing the adventure. But you can't get there without working your way through the hunt mystery - and believe me, it's definitely worth it.

I've shown the prizes you can collect at the end, but gifts aside, the sim is amazing and the storyline as you work through the clues and explore the various shops, mansions and locations was a blast. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and was a little sorry to finish it up.

Event Information
Official Blog/Flickr/FB: Ironwood Hills
Dates: Oct. 1st to Nov. 5th
Start/Location: Lost Boys

Happy hunting!


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