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Sunday, October 22

Timeless Hunt


Fallen Gods Inc. has been a staple in Second Life for ages when it comes to unique fantasy skins and more. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary this month with all kinds of in store events and a fantastic hunt that runs to the end of the month. You can check their website (link below) for a full schedule and more specific information on the events they have planned for the month of October.

I finished up their Timeless Hunt last night and couldn't wait to share the photos of the amazing gifts today. This is a hud hunt - you can pick one up at several locations (information on their website as to where) and you do need to be wearing it as you make your rounds through all the participating stores. In each location, you are looking for an hourglass - some are easy to find, others not so much. Once you find it, get close enough to touch it, and the store will register on your hud. It then teleports you to the next spot and gives you the next clue. Once your meter is full and you have found all the hourglasses, you get teleported to the prize room, filled with all the goodies you see below.

I enjoyed the hunt quite a bit - some of the stores were new to me, a few suckered me into doing a little shopping and it was a great chance to get out and do some exploring. Also, I did crash a couple times, and each time the HUD kept track of where I had been, making it super easy to spread out the exploring over a few days without worrying about losing your place.

Event Information
Official Blog/Flickr/FB:  Fallen Gods Inc. and Timeless Hunt
Dates: Oct. 1st to 31st
Start/Location: You can get the hud HERE 

Happy hunting!


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