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Tuesday, October 10


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GUYS! MOH10 is up and running and you will not want to miss this hunt! I was superexcited to get the chance to do this edition of the hunt - it always cheers me up to see an event going on just for you men out there. When it comes to hunt, sales, fashion, the men of SL always seem to get the short end of the stick. From now until October 28th, however, there are some amazing things to be found out there during this hunt. You need to stop by the Flair for Events office to pick up their hunt welcome pack before you start. It contains the HUD for teleporting to each of the stores as well as some handy notecards to help you get through the hunt. Hints for each shop can be found on their official blog.

One thing to note - I am not sure if SL was just screwing with me and my hunt partner or if it is intentional to keep hunters from getting bunched up in the same place, but the hud appears to generate each jump to the next shop randomly. Hunt partner and I each teleported to the first location to the right (the hud has left and right pointers for which direction to go through the list), and we ended up in different places. The stores were not coming up in the same order on the two huds. If you hunt alone, it won't matter; but if you hunt with a friend, maybe designate one of you as the official teleporter for your adventure. In our case, hunt partner was official teleporter and I was keeper of the hints list (I copied them from their site to a NC and deleted each one as we found it so we could track which stores we visited and which we had left to do).

The hunt item you are looking for is a black mustache. Some are easier to find than others, but we did find one for every store on the hints list. The mustaches are free and you do not need to join a group to do the hunt. Good Luck!

Event Information
Official Blog Store List/Hints: Flair for Events 
Dates: Oct 7th through 28th
Start Location: Flair for Events Office

Happy Hunting!

MOH10_1 MOH10_2 MOH10_3 MOH10_4 MOH10_5 MOH10_6 MOH10_7 MOH10_8 MOH10_9 MOH10_10 MOH10_11 MOH10_12 MOH10_13 MOH10_14 MOH10_15 MOH10_16 MOH10_17

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