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Sunday, December 3

Peace on Earth Hunt 10

POE10 logo

I haven't posted in a while, but you know how RL has a tendency to get in the way with SL stuff, especially around the holidays....so...as an olive branch in deference to the lack of new posts in November...I present to you the Peace On Earth Hunt 10.

Now some of you know all about POE and why I don't normally blog it and POE is new to some of you so here is the quick rundown. This is a huge hunt. Seriously - one of the biggest in SL with over 220 stores participating this year - which is  why I don't usually blog it: the sheer size of the event combined with how many events/hunts happen in SL over the holidays.

There are links below to the official site, which has lists of sponsors and participating stores and hints, as well as a link to the start point. You are looking for the POE globe (a sample of the globe can be found at each store near the hunt signs and contains a hint to the hidden location of the gift). You do not need a group membership and the gifts are free, but I do recommend joining the group because this is a really fun, social hunt and its a great way to make new friends, hunt buddies and get help if you are stuck.

The hunt is huge, but you have the entire month to work on it, so if it feels overwhelming, break it into little chunks. The stores are great, the hunt runs smoothly, and it has become one of SL's more enduring holiday traditions. Keep an eye here on the blog for more posts - I have a TON of gorgeous goodies to share!

Event Information
Official Blog: Peace on Earth
Dates: Dec. 1st to 31st
Start/Location: POE Landing (group join kiosk/hunt list/photo op)
              Roawenwood (first stop on hunt path)

Happy hunting!


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