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Sunday, November 5

The Gacha Garden, Nov'17 Round


I had planned to take a couple weeks off from blogging because October was so crammed with stuff and Christmas is right around the corner which means lots of events to be getting ready for, but then I got a notice that the next round of the Gacha Garden was open, and well...I'm a sucker for the magic combination of gachas and gifts.

You do need to be a group member (free) to get the gifts, but if gachas are your personal crack, you would definitely want to be part of this group regardless. These events are always a lot of fun, with some pretty amazing designers for each round. I was good this time and kept my gacha playing to a reasonable amount, but be sure to check out the official blog page for more information on which designers are participating and what kinds of goodies they have out in the machines for the round this month.

I've included pics below of some of the gifts you can find as you follow the garden path around the event playing the machines. There are also Seed of Inspiration gifts for those of you who play the machines frequently - I believe it is every 20 pulls per machine to get the SoI gift as well.

Event Information
Official Blog: The Gacha Garden
Dates: November, 2017

Happy Gacha-ing!
Cheers, Shadowed

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